UMNO PG Sour Losers- Blackmailing Rakyat?

Posted: March 15, 2008 in Bangsa Malaysia, Discrimination, Justice, Malaysia, Politics, Society

Penang UMNO has been urging and recommending the federal government to stop proposed mega projects in Penang such as the;

A. second bridge

b. light monorail system 

c. Penang Outer Ring Road

d. Penang Sentral

e. RapidPenang bus service.

State Umno secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim said the previous Gerakan-led state government had worked together with the federal government to bring all sorts of development to Penang and since people wanted a change and thought that DAP could do better than they did not need all this development since they voted BN out. As such, all development projects fueled previously would be urged by them to be cancelled.– looks as if they are more worried about their political positions then their own rakyat!!!

Since the people have clearly rejected development and made their choice for a change, we will recommend to the federal government to cancel all such projects. Don’t blame us for this,” he said after a state liaison committee meeting here today. (Umno only won two parliamentary seats and 12 state seats- whose fault is that now? the rakyat?)

When asked whether revenge was on their mind they retaliated and implied that since the rakyat wanted a new leadership his hands were tied. Case of sour grapes perhaps? So I guess this is what we have to look forward to…each time UMNO loses they will either resort to creating ill feelings among the rakyat(there was a demonstration at KOMTAR yesterday) when that doesn’t work they try to claim back “their so call development project which were supposedly their brain child”. Is this what we have to look forward to? Is this who you’d like to vote back in, 5 years from now? A party which blackmails you? Threatens you? Pulls the carpet from off your feet?

I see no point at all of the demonstrations. Why? I believe in freedom of assembly. There should assembly if there feel their rights are alienated or marginalized or even seek audience with the CM….perhaps the latter first. But why I said no point? UMNO Penang were the ones who were demonstrating yesterday for the rights of Malays at KOMTAR but they were the same people saying take all the major projects away- doesn’t that imply let our people suffer for making the choice that they deemed not right?

So what’s the point of demonstration when you yourself have indirectly asked for not only your right but others to be taken away in Penang? So each time things don’t go their way they are going to cut off the rakyat’s benefits? What next?Basic supplies? Water? Electricity? What a joke!

Which makes me think back. UMNO Penang says take the development project away. But whose money is being fueled to run this projects? Not UMNO definitely! Not BN! But every Malaysian….tax payers money. So how dare they use it against the rakyat?

You know when election was around the corner, I had a chat with my grandparents both avid supporters of Barisan. They have always been very secretive about voting but we all knew they voted BN. So we were talking about the elections and BN, Opposition. My grandpa said its BN who has been paying my pension all this years!I scoffed and told him that it was the government at that point entrusted to BN to run ,that was paying your pension. But most importantly it did not come out from the BN pocket but the taxpayers money! I guess previously most Malaysian feel indebted to BN when thats not the actual senario. They are meant to feel grateful for money they earned through hardwork, nothing to do with BN ultimately .The concept of people being upfront and brave towards the government and their policies was alien to them instead there said we should just be content with what we have or it could be taken away.

We should not be afraid of our government. But we always have been. Why? For the simple reason…we are afraid they will take away the little we have. Look at UMNO Penang-thats a great example of what people fear!

But people have to remember the money used for this project is the rakyats! Without the rakyat, there would be no money, no goverment let alone elections. So don’t allow this people to black mail us ever again! Tell them off! To have the audacity to say this…just horrible.

Whoever has the time should read what Zaid Ibrahim of UMNO said concerning all this issues after the elections, read here;

Former Umno leader Zaid Ibrahim has called on politicians – both government and opposition – to stop fueling racial sentiments in the wake of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition’s unprecedented election setback”- Malaysiakini

read here for more on what Zaid had to say

-now that’s a smart UMNO Dude!

another humble and man that is using his brains!!- dude Mr.Koh Tsu Koon

“former chief minister Koh Tsu Koon, who is also the Gerakan’s acting president spoke some sense when he rejected the Umno’s call by saying that those infrastructure projects are crucial for the future economy and quality of life for Penang and its neighboring states.” –Sourced from SK

On an ending note I’m glad to say that the UMNO Penang do not represent the Malays in Penang.Malays here are much smarter than to fall for the political tacticts of UMNO Penang who like someone said cut their nose to spite their face. The Malays know that we are in for the long haul, to help each other regardless of our ethnic background! I’d like to call/ to invite all Malaysians from the Malay, Chinese and Indian, Kadazan etc ethnic group who are interested to join the cause of creating and retaining a Bangsa Malaysia- Penang. A true bangsa Malaysia….to work towards a better state government-first stop Penang…Any takers? Mail me at


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