Sober Up Pak Lah, Racial Tension Are Caused by Racial Policy not Vice vErsa

Posted: March 13, 2008 in Bangsa Malaysia, Discrimination, Freedom of Expression, Justice, Malaysia, Politics, Race + Religion, Society

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was warned by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not to make statements that could stoke racial tensions.  (The Star,Thursday March 13)

Pak Lah I would have expected you to sober up by now, after suffering a huge defeat in the recent elections. After losing the mystical 2/3rds…that had become more of a curse than anything else for the last 50 years. So when former PM, Mahatir said step down…when other quarters said resign….I thought come on, people lose its normal. But people can change, who knows Pak Lah can too. He can make a better Malaysia. After all he did humbly accept his defeat and vouched to serve the people better. But Pak Lah whats with the threats? What’s with the warnings?

Guan Eng the current CM for the coalition won Penang fair and square! He was given the mandate by the people. Every Malaysian be it Malay,Chinese or Indian voted for DAP, PAS and PKR the coalition government in support of their of them and what they stand for. The people have voted. What have you got to say now? Doing with NEP has always been the plan from the start itself. What’s wrong with doing away with NEP? It is in fact a racial policy. Just because people do not take to the streets and kill each other over it doesn’t make the NEP any less racist then it already is. NEP only serves to help select few not all Malays thus it does not fulfill its purpose.

You claim to represent the people Pak Lah but you don’t! You represent yourself! You are a selfish man and I’m glad to say I’ve seen enough of you. The only thing that will cause racial tension is if people like yourself continue to badger on and cause a ruckus when there is not. You do not have to worry about Malays in Penang. As longs as Malays, Indians,Chinese and other races are Malaysian they will be taken under the wing of our coalition government. Those who are poor will be assisted not just because of their race but because they require assistance. Not all Malays are poor..same case with Chinese, Indians and other races. But they are those who are poor regardless of race. Please open your eyes.

Doing away with this policy will only do good because EVERY MALAYSIAN will be at the heart of things, they will be put first priority! So racial tension????? Only tension will be Dealing with people like you that are not willing to accept that with time comes change and with change comes differences…with differences comes a better Malaysia. The question is Pak Lah, do you want to be apart of  a better Malaysia or not?

  1. hamzah says:

    well said !

  2. limyeefatt says:

    After 50 years, if not for Datuk Seri Abdullah, we would not have the first Tsunami and victory for democracy in Malaysia.

    Let’s just look at the scenario:

    1. Datuk Seri Abdullah released DSAI when he came to power.
    He did not need to do this.
    Dr M would probably have driven DSAI to commit Harakiri in prison!

    2. Datuk Seri Abdullah did not stop the bloggers from giving altenartive news.
    He could have arrested these bloggers under ISA.
    Dr M would definitely have done this at least prior to the election.

    3. Datuk Seri Abdullah allowed the Bersih and Hindraf to organise their rallies. Under Dr M’s rule,
    the organisers would have been arrested even for thinking about organising the rallies.

    Judge a person from the outcomes of their leadership, not from what their detractors say.


  3. cherwith says:

    My dear friend, thanks for commenting. Believe me I am thinking.Why do I say that
    1. I can’t say exactly why but him releasing Anwar was politically motivated. If he released him it shown him as a more compassionate and liberal leader to his people. That was his plan to appear as the more approachable, less dictator like our former PM. I doubt that it was out of the graciousness of his heart.

    2. He can arrest bloggers but he did not because it would have had serious ramifications for the country in whole especially economically. Why? Because when MSC was introduced so was a Bill called the Bill of Guarantees that ensure no censorship would be permitted. Furthermore the Internet works very instantly and news would have gone out about how Malaysia went against her word and investors would pull away.

    3. He did not allow Bersih or Hindraf to do anything.His threats he thought would push them against their initial idea but of course it didn’t. In fact he condemned them for the rallies, furthermore he Jailed 5 hindraf leaders and many more who took part in this rallies. He also used tear gas and cannon water on them, I would hardly say the allowed for anything.

    I’m judging him exactly for what he has done for Malaysia. Of course, he isn’t to blame for everything, he inherited such a structure but he did not do anything to help or improve it either~

    THINK my friend..out of the box..what you see is merely on the surface…

  4. uni says:

    I agree with cherwith… he had even canceled all the ongoing projects in Penang because the citizens there voted for the opposition… What a sore loser…? He’s trying to punish Penang for practicing the rights to vote…

  5. brat says:

    You shouldn’t have had the election on if you’re not going to let the Malaysians vote freely…

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