DoUble StAndards Rearing Its “AsS” in LoCal-U

Posted: March 13, 2008 in Freedom of Expression

If you have been at one point or another in a local-U be it in Johor, Penang Or Selangor you’d find that they share a lot of the same characteristics in terms of their actions and policies. One probably being much stricter then the other on certain matters. As a student in a local-U, there is a huge list of what “you can’t do” and “shouldn’t do”… At times due to your obligation as a students…some categorize it as guilty feelings as you actually made it there so You don’t wanna screw it up!!!SO you behave, you follow all the silly rules they have, most of the time anyway.

If you’ve noticed, U** in the last few years did something really great or shall I say not? Depends on whose side you are looking at it from. For the dear mountains and greenery….well they lost part of their share when certain parts of their area were cut down to make way for U** hostels. For U**-ers it was rather a good Deal because at Least Now…you’ve got a room big enough and comfortable enough, sharing is much easily done. In my former hostel at Fajar Bakti, it was called that during my time by now I’m sure the names have changed (from what I hear more than a few times), 3 of us shared a room with a little blop of space in between and that was it! It was suffocating although I had the best of room mates! So this new hostels came as a good revelation for students in U**.

If you have ever gone up to either any one of this hostels, you would have noticed that it up on the hill…my poor car struggles to climb up that hill when I send my friends back each time. I’m sure it keeps many very fit as they walk up and down to and fro to campus which is located at the bottom of the hill across the road(and that only gets you to the last gate-from there its a long walk into the heart of campus-hahah no joke) Anyway… up there you have little cafes at certain areas, probably one or 2 but at complete different ends which you have to walk to. One of the hostels I frequent is at the top of a hill all by itself. My friend alerted me to how they stopped students from selling food like nasi lemak in the hostels compounds. Since its in the middle of nowhere unless you stock up on food, you’d be hungry! What’s wrong with selling nasi lemak and other small items??? Don’t the students need to eat? Anyway they put this sign there as a reminder;


But then again…rules can be broken..if you are on the right side….


While these pictures were being taken, you can imagine the glares and stares we received, me and a friend! As I guess they pretty much guessed what we were talking and it didn’t help that I was talking about the issue hardly HUSH HUSH.ahahaha…What’s there to hide? What’s the rationale of not allowing a student to sell minor items to her fellow mates and threaten to “rampas”-famous word often used on campus as stated in the sign above and there you have here a vendor selling all sorts of stuff probably contracted by the uni??? Is this vendors business that bad that you have to deprive this students from this morning nasi lemaks? Come on………..ini belum cakap pasal contract-contract in the state yet baru uni level. Just goes to show what sort of things happen at what level. It needs to stop… Students I believe shouldn’t be pushed around to this extent and be deprived of their NASI LEMAK!!! haahaha..if you get my drifT! If anyone knows the rational to this let me know, perhaps I’m flying off my handle.. but still come on NASI LEMAK? My question is;



p.s- Anyway as I passed this van after dropping of my friend, my window was down and I heard a very nasty comment by one of them, I’m guessing either the vendor or a student lingering about as the pictures were taken by my friend. She said in broken english something that equaled thought it was a man….which is rather stupid…as I hardly think I look like a anyway from any angle…anyway it pissed me off and she didn’t stop there and went on and on… not realizing I had every right to be there as she did..probably a student by her arrogance… So I just stopped my car and looked right at her(was directly in front of the van)- sure stopped her from flapping her mouth and bitching on and on!

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