Barisan Rakyat Role Is Immenient in Forming a Steady State Government

Posted: March 13, 2008 in Bangsa Malaysia, Barisan Rakyat, Freedom of Expression, Justice, Malaysia, Malaysian Blogosphere, Politics, Race + Religion, Society, Voting

When I mention Barisan Rakyat I’m not only talking about those political parties such as DAP whom have endorsed or accepted the People’s Declaration but everyone one of us rakyat…I believe that we all play a crucial role in ensuring that we have a steady state government and government overall in Malaysia. We need to be strong in our principals and not bow down under pressure but at the same time be able to compromise, maklumlah we live in a multi-racial country~

The state coalition government should adhere to the People Voice and People Declaration that you can find in<“People Declaration and People’s Voice”> as they have promised before the rakyat gave their votes to them in the recent election.

What we rakyat need to remember is that we have every right to be outraged or angry should our Mps or any one of our leaders steer the wrong way (take Uncle Kit for instance) but at the same time we should be level-headed enough not be consumed with our anger and annoyance so that we can move ahead beyond our anger to get something constructive done against this wrong paths taken by our leaders. We have to understand that our leaders are only humans and they will make mistakes. It is our job to make sure they need to work for the next 5 years, follow the right path and lead the country well towards a Better Malaysia. We have already felt the vibes of a better Malaysia. We should not let blackmail or threats from certain parties to soil our movement, our determinism.

IT is not only the role of the current state government in this 5 states to make sure all goes well and the state is run well. It is also our job! We wanted a participatory government didn’t we ? So we too will have to work hard with our state leaders to achieve every single thing that we outlined or desired in our people’s declaration. We can’t only come to the polling booth and vote every 5 years and expect miracles. Yes voting is one of the very first steps but we got to do more. We need to mobilize our strengths to help our leaders. We need to work as hard as they are or perhaps harder…

There are currently groups that have been mobilized for this cause one being Haris and geng’s effort much earlier to the elections of Bangsa Malaysia both in KL and Selangor. This group still keep in contact via emailing groups and have taken it to the next step by forming a meet beyond the Internet sphere. I hope that others will follow suit with this sort of efforts in some way or another. Like I said, we play a role, a crucial role it is!

Hidup Barisan Rakyat!!!!


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