What’s Ethnicity Got to Do with It? Are we Not Malaysian?

Posted: March 12, 2008 in Bangsa Malaysia, Freedom of Expression, Politics, Race + Religion, Society, Voting

Barely a few days ago, I informed readers about the stupidity of the sms I received which annoyed me to a certain extent, read my last posting entitled<“Such Mentality Will Deter Malaysians”>.That very sort of mentality has come back once again this time by a different community demanding for their ethnicity to stand out to represent their own community. I hardly ever watch local TV this meaning TV1, TV2 and TV3 but I do occasionally watch comedies on 8TV.

Yesterday night, I decided I’ll just catch some news on TV3 and see their take on the latest update post-elections. When I switched the TV on it was reporting on Guan Eng being appointed as Chief Minister of Penang. I’m quite happy with him being elected, he looks fresh and determined. Furthermore he as been very active in getting things organized and settled at this very early stages of his take-over. With parking summonses evaporating(I can’t complaint!-got loads! hehehe) and review of PGCC which a lot of us fought against due to their disguised plan, I’m glad at the pace Guan Eng is working at! But I shall reserve my full judgments as its been barely a few days. Anyway after the coverage of Guan Eng there was this little press conference whereby this Malay group-Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce that supposedly represented the Malay community were highlighting their concerns and demands. I was rather shocked! Wah can demand for certain things and even get coverage for it??

I guess this concerns came along due to some policy reversals made by Guan Eng. According to International Business Times, Guan was reported to have said that he would do away with the New Economic Policy, an affirmative action programs that awarded those of Malay ethnicity in regards to state contracts. He said;

“We will run the government administration free from the New Economic Policy that breeds cronyism, corruption and systemic inefficiency,” Lim, an ethnic Chinese, said in a statement.

With that in place, state contracts will be up for bidding and not be give to a select few! Isn’t that good news for all? Fair competition? Declaration of assets of state government members and civil servants publicly- that should help with the reforms seek by the people don’t ya think? I couldn’t quite get the names of this group, so if anyone knows do fill me in, will update!!!- Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce-Got iT! Anyway I guess this section of the community might worry due to being spoon-fed all this time and probably are not thinking maturely yet. As there are still thinking based on racial lines whereby their rights can only be safe-guarded if they have a Malay in the position of the Deputy Minister as it was previously. I wonder if the Opposition will give in to their demands? I hope not as that will only conform to such thinking whereby ethnicity prevails. Why can’t trust be put on a Indian, Chinese or any other race in fact to safeguard your rights just on the stand that they are Malaysians and will seek to give the best to their people?

Like I mentioned in my earlier posting whereby the Indians wanted a Deputy of Indian ethnicity to “jaga” their rights so that they would not be marginalized… like I said such desires or actions on their part will in turn only cause more people to think on ethnic lines as has been demonstrated here in Penang in regards to this Malay group whom worry that their rights will be sidelined just on the fact that they are Malay and Chinese are running the government!

So what I say? Hasn’t all our PM and Deputy PM been Malays? Most of our Cabinet Ministers Malays? Have we demanded that for each one, a person of our own ethnicity be put to maintain our interest? Come on… I know you have your worries due to our history…we are thought to think on racial lines. But don’t you think its time to do away with that? Give your trust to the CM in this case Guan Eng to do what’s right not just for Malays but for all Malaysians. I don’t think we need someone of particular ethnicity just because of their ethnicity. I mean what’s ethnicity got to do with it?

Time we go beyond the conventional. Time to go beyond what we are accustom to. It’s time for a change…

Like I’ve said many times before, the battle has just begun…we have a lot more to fight for..first being getting our stupid little narrow minds to think outside the box in terms of race. We did that when we voted through the ballots, why can’t we do it in our daily life?

Take a chance…Trust in your CM, Menteri Besar, PM, whoever that has been chosen this time around because they have been elected and now is the time they are suppose to shine. If they go out of line, by all means go ahead and question them.If they are unfair at any point of time, demand for a change. You have a right you are a rakyat. But first of all give them a chance to begin with… Same goes for the opposition and for Barisan. The People have spoken… Now let them do their work before we jump all over them for the silliest of things!

Lest we forget, we are anak bangsa Malaysia every one of us who are born on this soil!

  1. Sagaladoola says:

    Good writing there. It is high time. I am fed up of this race here race there thing

  2. Arni says:

    I am a Malay and I think without the NEP I would not be where I am now.

    Not actually a bad thing tho..

    I could be

    A) With no university education, selling nasi lemak for living while raising 7 children, living a hard life.

    or B) Still no university education, but manage to open up a successful chain of restaurant businesses.

    As they say, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger.

    Yeah, I think it’s time for us Malays to loose the crutches. But we must have some sort of plan to help those POOR people regardless of the race. This way, HINDRAF will shut their mouth, and the Malays won’t accuse of being ‘terpingir di negara sendiri’.

  3. cherwith says:

    I’m not saying stop helping Malays…I’m saying stop helping only Malays..Help all those who are in need…whoever or whatever race they might be….I think doing away with NEP is not to penalized Malays but to help everyone……….You are right.poor regardless of the race…should be helped!

  4. Bumi Ownz U says:

    The NEP was designed to help ALL Malays because, compared to Indians and Chinese, Malays are the most incompetent.

    If there is equity. Malays will surely not be able to compete with local chinese.. let alone the world. Just look at MAS. Who wants to fly MAS when there is Jetstar and Virgin? Not to mention Tigerairways,…

    Malays will always need NEP because they are incompetent at doing anything.. Malays.. prove me wrong by getting rid of the NEP and showing that you are capable rather than talk cock.

  5. Bumi Ownz U says:


    ie: Racially discriminative pokicies and laws.

    In other words… Malaysia has RACIST LAWS & RACIST POLICIES.

    Malaysian LAW is RACIST…. as racist as Aparheid in Africa and Jew seggregation 1940 Berlin…. Malaysia is a racist hole.

  6. cherwith says:

    Bumi Ownz U- I think you are being unfair by saying that Malays are incompetent at doing anything. I know many of those of Malay ethnicity that are brilliant people and doing successfully or playing their part in making a better Malaysia.Not because of hand-outs but hard-work! Its unfair to generalize and to assume that everyone is alike in regards to your comment about Malays. NEP was meant to help and it would have been a great policy if it had not been abused by the likes of the powerful. Incompetencies can occur within the community of any Malaysian regardless of race. It would be a good time to lay of generalizing and classifying people by race, at least try to…

  7. Bumi Ownz U says:

    ….well giving MORE RIGHTS to the MALAY RACE isnt entirely fair is it? Don’t you find that GENERALISED?????? or are you oblivious to this fact?

    NEP – its the LAW… its UNFAIR… My comments are precisely tryng to point out this unfairness…

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