Such Mentality Will Deter Malaysians Despite Greater Representation

Posted: March 10, 2008 in Bangsa Malaysia, Malaysia, Politics, Race + Religion

Around midnight I receive this sms from a friend that to a certain extent irritated me. On the day of the elections I was pretty hyped up. Happy, ecstatic even before the results. Somehow it just felt right, felt good. Little did I know that Malaysian history would be written on this fateful day. So I guess you all know the story, the Opposition comes back after a lapse of 20 over years to deny the BN their 2/3rd majority. Winning over 5 states, namely Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Selangor and even my state, Perak. Since its been like forever since such a great representation of the “otha side”, people are over-joyed! At least I am! So when someone sends me a message like please forward this message to all Indians, to sms Lim Kit Siang to ask him to elect a deputy MB in Selangor and all the states won by the Opposition, it IRRITATES every single bit of me. I know I’m Indian but more so I know I’m MALAYSIAN.

According to <“Malaysiakini”>, Hindraf’s chairperson P Waythamoorthy said that it was time for the opposition to repay the Indian community for their huge support in turning the wave in favor of the opposition in yesterday’s general election.

– Why is that necessary? Aren’t we Malaysians? Indians, Malays or even Chinese did not do whoever a favor, it was their obligation, their birth rights as Malaysian to demand for a better Malaysia. So what if they garnered support? They were Malaysian, they were not strangers to the country!!! I feel the only repaying that has to be done is by both the government and Opposition in making Malaysia better!

I see no rationale or necessity to particularly require for someone of Indian ethnicity to be in such a position so that he or she represent my rights. The fact that the person is in Kamunting is a whole different matter altogether but the fact that the person is put there due to the sole fact that he is INDIAN is just too much. I have faith that Kit Siang, Nik and Anwar will represent people of all races..all faiths..regardless. Of course this believe is in faith for the people who have promised the people of Malaysia a better Malaysia. Will they accomplish that? Time will tell..

If there don’t..If they fail..If they slack or crumble under pressure..if they fall into the traps of money politics..IF…then we shall re-address the situation, then we Malaysian will figure a way to VOTE them out. I feel chances should be given when there are due. In regards to the request by Hindraf (and some part of the Indian community), I feel that a person should not be given a position due to this ethnicity, yes he has fought greatly and put in ISA for it. ..But the point at this time is not to single out ethnicity as due reason to put someone in position. The fact that he is still in Kamunting will complicated his duties further.If this sort of by race situation starts it will never end and we will in turn become like the people or parties we despised the most.Next the Malays, Chinese and other races will want a deputy in each state to represent their race or ethnicity. So when does it stop??? Aren’t we all Malaysians? Anak-anak bangsa Malaysia? If we truly believe in a bangsa Malaysia concept I urge you the stay away from such mentality, I urge to not to support such silly SMS-es, I urge to think for the Better of Malaysia and not your individual concerns. As I stated earlier I believe those who have been put into power by the people will represent every single Malaysian regardless of race or creed but should those put into power by the people neglect any Malaysian… the rakyat will not be still, the rakyat will not stand for it. The Opposition has around 5 years to prove its worth to Malaysian whom have given them a chance, let’s hope there make the best of it..

  1. Wong says:

    Thank You for a well written statement

    This is the way Malaysian to project themselve

  2. Terrie says:

    Yes, i fully agree with you on this. It’s time we should put aside our own ethnicity and put the nation first. It’s the first step forward.

  3. Daniel says:

    Yes, not only Hindraf, but PAS as well seems to jostling for power and recognition amongst the opposition. DAP is the only one who seems to be keeping calm and fair. PKR has the most seats, so they are in the driver’s seat. But you know Anwar is itching to get into Parliament and be the opposition leader come April.

  4. unig says:

    you are absolutely right. nicely said.

  5. can says:

    Bro, I am with you on this one. The election results is a clear signal that the voters have grown up, looked past their narrow racial concerns and want things addressed with the interest of ALL Malaysians at heart. The political parties, both BN and the Opposition must wise up to this or be booted out come next election. Playing the race card is retrogressive and plain stupid.

  6. […] stupidity of the sms I received which annoyed me to a certain extent, read my last posting entitled<”Such Mentality Will Deter Malaysians”>.That very sort of mentality has come back once again this time by a different community demanding […]

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