Deciding YouR FAte on V-Day, D-day for Malaysians

Posted: March 8, 2008 in Freedom of Expression

We have finally come to the end of the road, for this leg of the race anyways. Its down to the last day now, the last moments for us to make a decision, to decide our fates. Is it an easy task? Definitely not one you’d like to take lightly as it will not only affect you personally but affect your family, you friends, the economical, social and political aspect of society..of Malaysia!Is it just another game where one wins and one loses? Is it merely a fiasco played every 5 years to make us feel as though we are a democracy when in reality we are not?

Well, I think things have become very simple for us this time around. I think to make our decisions we need to sit and think of the promises belted out by our former government the Barisan. Then we need to evaluate their performances. We need to evaluate whether in the duration of this five years they have carried their term to their best ability, if they have in fact honored the rakyat. Then if you find this is not the case then you need to see the possibilities that are present out there. Perhaps give the benefit of a doubt to other candidates or parties that have in turn belted out their promises, in the hope that we will give them that same opportunity as we have done for the last 50 years. We should give them a chance to prove themselves, after all haven’t we given the former government lots of chances? I believe there is a limit on faith a person can have on a candidate, a party especially when track records prove to be shamelessly undermined.

Before people become frantic wondering what will happen should a new government take effect, I doubt that will occur. If at all the election of 2008 see changes, probably there will be more opposition but in not in terms of a change of government. But what I think is crucial in any country  is the need for check and balance so no one becomes to big for their own boots. Some might argue that we are hardly a democracy due to our current laws and actions taken by the government in relation to human rights and freedom. If that is the case quite grumbling and try to make a difference although a might not mean very much standing by itself but a combination of vote from communities around Malaysia definitely makes a huge difference. So if you want a democracy, play your role! Make changes. Keep the government in line. We should not its been famously said….and probably rings a bells in our mind from V-for Vendetta


Let’s make, this the case! The government is elected by the people for the people.They are meant to serve the needs of their people not to misuse them! They are meant to serve all the years they pledge to and not only in the battle to fish votes but the commitment of 5 years that follow!

Let’s ensure the next time around people will not fear to exercise their rights..they will not fear to make the right choice, they will not be afraid of their positions, their feelings, their rights and be made to feel guilty about them!….Let’s pray…

Tomorrow I will head down to my hometown bright and early to play my part as a citizen of Malaysia. I have made my choice.

#For the many people out there who have not registered and are of eligible age, do get yourself registered for the next battle of votes. These time don’t wait till its too late ok!  The work starts now..

  1. Neo says:

    Vote wisely…. 🙂

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