Indelible ink voted out before polling day?

Posted: March 4, 2008 in Freedom of Expression

Well, you might have thought there was still some sort of justification to believe the great promise of the Barisan Nasional……to give them the benefit of a put some trust in them, after all they have been around for umpteen years but think again! They condemned the Bersih March saying it was not our culture, they hide behind the promise of already agreeing to the terms of free and fair elections asked by Bersih such as the indelible ink. So they claimed! For some of us we thought well at least they were trying their best to adhere to proper regulations, they were not scared of being just. At least there were trying. But nope, it was just to pull wool over our eyes for a while, long enough to deceive us. Long enough to make us think that it would be all right, they would be all right as head of state.

But today’s statement from the Election Commission from Bernama brings the former government run by Barisan Nasional to shame. Their announcement to cancel plans of using indelible ink in the elections is a far cry from being the just government they have claim to be. The government who listens to their people, who cares for their needs, who wants to give you security and prosperity. Why all the lies? After saying they would utilize it in the path of promoting free and fair elections, after they publicly said they would in numerous places namely the Commonwealth meeting in Singapore,But the opposite has just occurred barely a few days away from polling day. What does that say to you? If they can lie publicly about indelible ink after announcing it to the world, what can you expect out of them? What will happen to all their promises? Do they deserve another chance or should they be punished for all their lies and actions for the past 5 years?Should they be allowed to continue majority rule as they have over the decades?

Just a short note, today I received an sms from a close friend which really made me realize how certain issues have been tucked away or shall I say hidden from the eyes of the public so much so we have become so blinded. He expressed his feelings over the elections and what he wanted to do and said that people might have their reasons to be fed up with Barisan Nasional. For him, he just can’t help but see more orang Asli children starving each time they visit his clinic. Enough is enough for him and he has decide to vote for a better Malaysia. How about you?

I shan’t say more…for it is inevitably your decision. Its your vote, so decide carefully.

  1. bongkersz says:

    Agree man. I am so pissed with EC and Barisan Nasional for treating Malaysians like idiots.

  2. ahmog says:

    For all you know.. the day before election… transparent boxes would be replaced by the old’e black boxes because it is also cancelled…

    Our ballot paper has its old serial number to track who voted for whom and to make the opposition voter life miserable..

    All this “promises” are bunch of lies, deceit and expensive game at the cost of the taxpayers…

    We can only make noise.. because all government bodies are empowered by the ruling political party..

    It has been a very expensive event… for the entertainment of the ruling political party… guess what they could be laughing so loudly behind closed doors…

  3. Scott Thong says:

    Would you please post this for the benefit of your readers who will be voting for the first time this 2008?

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