Election Fever….Burning up Yet???

Posted: March 2, 2008 in Society, Voting

With only 6 days left on the calendar, parties be it the opposition or not, are gearing up spending every minute there have to put their best foot forward or are they? So what’s the progress like on both sides? On the Barisan front, loads of money is being dished out to ensure they remain on the leaders in the pack, on the other hand the opposition scene, there seems to be people mobilization from one area to another, whereby the most unlikely people are found as pillars and foundations of the candidates.

The election fever is burning up like never been as hot as it has been….Things are burning up especially right here in Penang and I suspect things are not very different in the other states in Malaysia. The sentiments are rather different and I feel that the opposition is currently getting more attention than ever before…people are flocking to their talks like sheeps with a sense of determinism like never before. But will that translate into change? Into votes perhaps? Well its hard to say….but one thing is for sure this elections, ELECTIONS 2008 whatever the outcome… ELECTION 2008 will become one of the most noted elections ever! Sure one to watch out for!!! So keep your eyes open…

Oh ya..to all out there involved..to play fair..play clean!

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