The Otha Side to the Coin- Election Monitoring

Posted: February 29, 2008 in Freedom of Expression, Society, Voting

Well if you’re constantly bombarded with “flawless” media coverage of Barisan Nasional and haven’t gone quite enough of the election fever and think your getting less than your money’s worth through the various traditional media should perhaps take a peek at the other side of the coin once your done peeking at “more of the same” on your telly, newspapersradio,….last I heard its also in public transportation (taxis)…

So if you want to see for yourself what’s actually happening or if you are curious to see both sides of the coin do not forget to read Media Monitor’s Diary a joint effort Charter2000 Aliran, CIJ, Writers Alliance for Media Independence together with some independent volunteers. Its worth the read….Now you can at least make informed choices!

  1. Julian says:

    Hi Cheryl, the link’s not working…

  2. cherwith says:

    ok, shall check it out and rectify the problem.thanks for letting me know julian!

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