Crash By Accident or Ignorance???

Posted: February 3, 2008 in human rights, Justice, Society


I’m sure all of us at one point of time have either experienced being in an accident or have had those closes to us being apart of an accident. Either way accidents occur in the most unexpected places, to anyone and it sure does not give you warning before it occurs, thus the term accident. At the tender age of 10, I lost my close friend Hassan to an accident. He was cycling with Yap and was hit by a lorry. Few years later, I lost my best friend Nurul Huda who was traveling back to her hometown for Raya when her whole family met with an tragic accident, leaving only her and her sister survivors of the crash but she passed away barely 3 days later, leaving her sister as the sole survivor.(I was 14) It hit closer to home the next time around when my baby brother was hit by a car while he was crossing the road on his way to play football,he died on the spot.(I was then 16).

So accidents are more than a bunch of statistics or newspaper reports to me. To me accidents can rob you off so much, so fast, so unexpectedly. But what can you do when it’s an accident? Who can you blame? That’s what you call an accident but when the accident could have been avoided, can you still claim it to be an accident? Malaysia has suffered her number of accidents over the last year but sadly the numbers are on the rise and 2008 was no better. It’s been barely 2 months into the year but already we have had to grapple with the death of Nian Ning, Zailani and Boon Eng whom lost their lives in the horrible crash that occurred in late January in Slim River. It’s hard enough to lose those you love but when you lose them to the incompetence of others, of repeated offenders….. it truly makes my blood boil!

It’s often said than when you carry passengers be it on the bike or in your car that you have their life in your hand which I believe carries some truth. Thus knowing that you hold the cards to the lives of not only yourself, we are careful, perhaps super-careful when we drive others. But when I hear that those carrying not 1 but 30 to 40 passengers take their job lightly and drive as they please without a thought for others, it hits very close to home!

I need not remind you of other bus crashes that has occurred over they years (Bkt Gantang, Bkt.Mertajam) that on more than one occasions was a result of repeated offenders. Result of those who were not capable to drive, those who were not competent, those who played with the lives of others…It’s not surprised that the bus drivers that drive us around each time we go back to our hometown, return to university, visit a friend, go for a wedding could be the ones to end our lives for ever……Of course I’m not saying that ALL bus drivers or all the bus companies are incompetent but I’m saying how would we know? How could we? When the government allows them to get away with summonses after summonses….when they do not do background checks on their drivers, when they hire any tom, dick or harry!!! All for a buck or two?

Who knows whose live we are compromising each time we send our mother, sister, daughter, brother, father, grandma, friend, husband, boyfriend, colleague…the list goes on…. Should we have to sit and worry each time whether we will ever see our loved ones again? Should we allow for such mistakes to continue to occur? I’m rational enough to realize that accidents will happen but I will not accept ignorance, I will not allow incompetence to continuously to occur. I mean how many more lives need to be claimed before the relevant authorities take charge and ensure the highest quality in drivers and in the vehicles that they drive!

With constant bus accidents occurring whose to say whether it is safe anymore?What about those who do not have the luxury to drive about? Those who do not have the luxury to travel by car? Is their fate sealed in the hands of the incompetent? Be it the individual or the company…

So what are we to do? <“Bus Crash No More”> has started off the first initiative by creating a petition to demand for safer buses for our kids to travel on.. You can start off by signing the petition and who knows what will come next. Perhaps an ad-hoc committee to come up with proposal or road safety projects….awareness campaigns, thorough background checks approved by relevant authorities.

So do your part, sign the petition, make that change, let’s not let ignorance go scott-free!…no time better than the present to start effecting change.

My deepest condolences to the family of Nian Ning, Mhd Zailani, Boon Eng

Visit buscrashnomore for more information on this petition;

<“Bus Crash No More”>

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