Power of Hugs

Posted: January 17, 2008 in Freedom of Expression, Society

Hugs have a numerous super power…you might not realize it..some might even find it a bit intruding to allow someone to come so close, especially someone you don’t know! But hugs can do wonders..It can make you feel all good inside, change your whole mindset or emotions at that point of time. For those whom are a little conservative, the thought of a person coming so close, touching your body might freak you out. But hugs are not about touching, its about giving someone love. It’s a wonder what hugs can do for you. It can lift you up, put a smile on your face, give you confidence…The warmth you receive from hugs works better than any miraculous drug. Try it..hug someone today….I’ll try to upload an article I wrote sometime back (when I find it….) about the power of this simple gestures that hardly takes any effort but gives so much…

Why am I suddenly taking about hugs??? Well, I was lucky enough to stumble upon this great and inspiring video that made me feel so good inside..just watching…..I can imagine how those receiving and giving must have felt! Thanks to Zorro-Unmasked <“Zorro”> whom put this fantastic video on his blog to share with all of us. I’d like to link the video here……read <“Read here”>

here to get more information about the video, its creator…etc

Watch this great video …

<“Watch this video”>

Yes, Zorro we are Malaysians….we are…
Have a great day everyone!

This is not even a full-frontal hug…More like a side-ways hug…Come here you..slugger..type but look at how happy it makes me……………..(ya..ya I know I’m getting a little soft!blame it on the age..)


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