Registered to vote already?But not on the list? What now?

Posted: January 10, 2008 in Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, human rights, Voting

Registered to vote already???? But your still not under the list??? What’s happening you might think? Possibly their slow as a snail process? perhaps they conveniently forgot? perhaps they have some sort of complicated process to deal with before adding it onto the system???Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…..

After cracking my head for sometime over the issues of why I wasn’t own the dam list I though of a smarter(so I thought) of dealing with this issue before I have a melt down. So anyway before that I had already talked to Haris of People’s Parliament, Zorro, SK about this whole issue of not being on the list despite having registered to vote and with news that elections are around the corner…Well I’ll have to admit I was getting rather nervous! After all the decision to actually register to vote was a big one for me.

For those who have been following my blog for sometime, you’d probably be aware that I was rather skeptical over the whole process of voting as I thought that it would not only be a waste of time but will bring no good as I felt the whole system of voting was ultimately unclean and unfair. But over a period of a couple of months, I have since changed my view and standing on the issues of voting. Someone once told me that if I wanted to effect change I needed to play a part in it…there was no use of stating a conviction if it was a silent one not to be heard, not to be felt by anyone else but myself..I needed to be a part of this change that I craved for….I needed to be practical…I needed to vote…..Yes, there are still issues….whether voting this time around will be fair or not. But many parties have worked so hard to ensure, to make it happen….to make freer fairer elections more than just a campaign more than just a tag line but a reality. They all have played a part, so must I…

Anyway before I get carried away with the sentiments of why I decided to vote (I shall elaborate and bore you more the next time around) I shall get on with the matter of the day…Registering to be a voter

After finding out the important stuff I decided to take the chance and register to be a voter. It was as though it was a sign as I was lucky enough to have this people from the government having some sort of booth barely 20 meters away from where I worked. Thus I took the opportunity that was staring right at me and decided to vote. It was somewhere in early November 2007. I was so excited. ANYWAY…

Now it is 9 Jan 2008. It’s a whole new year (hahhaa) and nothing I tell you nothing has been done!!! I’m still not in the system.Boy was I furious. So months have passed, yet my name is yet to be seen. I checked through

<“Check whether your registered”> which is the site which you are suppose to access in order to check out your voting information and to double-check whether your on the roll. But do you think I saw my name there????? No no… Well I thought I’ll email those people at (I wasn’t really expecting a reply as most of the time I think this sort of mail becomes junk or lost in space-yes I’m talking from experience). Surprisingly I got a reply, quite fast in fact.( SYABAS to SPR-give praise where its due I believe. Loads of mumbo jumbo laws stuff which I barely understand, unless I read really carefully…. I don’t even know why it has to be so complicated but anyway this is what they had to say…


untuk makluman puan, puan telah memohon untuk didaftarkan sebagai pemilih
pada Suku 4/2007 (Oktober, November dan Disember). puan hanya boleh
membuat semakan Daftar Pemilih apabila Daftar pemilih Tambahan (DPT) Suku
4/2007 itu disahkan dan diwartakan. Ini kerana, sebelum disahkan sesuatu
daftar pemilih itu, beberapa proses perlu dilalui seperti di bawah:


1. Urusan pendaftaran pemilih baru ataupun permohonan pertukaran alamat
pusat mengundi bagi pemilih berdaftar yang telah bertukar alamat
bermastautin masing-masing bermula apabila seseorang warganegara yang
berkelayakan di bawah Perkara 119(1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan membuat
permohonan kepada SPR dengan mengisi Borang A seperti yang ditetapkan di
dalam Peraturan 12 Peraturan-peraturan Pilihan Raya (Pendaftaran Pemilih)
2002. Selepas borang permohonan itu diproses, SPR akan menyediakan Rang
Daftar Pemilih Tambahan (DPT) bagi setiap suku tahun dan dipamerkan di 840
tempat pameran di seluruh negara untuk tujuan tuntutan dan bantahan.

2. Peraturan 17(1) menetapkan bahawa seseorang Pendaftar perlu mengadakan
siasatan awam bagi menentukan kesahihan sesuatu tuntutan atau bantahan.
Jika sesuatu tuntutan atau bantahan itu mempunyai asas-asas yang kukuh dan
disertai dengan bukti-bukti prima-facie, maka Pendaftar apabila berpuas
hati boleh menerima sesuatu tuntutan atau bantahan yang dibuat.
Sebaliknya, Pendaftar boleh menolak sesuatu tuntutan dan bantahan yang
tidak mempunyai bukti-bukti yang kukuh. Namun begitu, demi untuk
menegakkan prinsip keadilan, Peraturan 20(1) Peraturan-peraturan Pilihan
Raya (Pendaftaran Pemilih) 2002 memberi peluang dan ruang terbuka kepada
mana-mana pihak yang terkilan dengan keputusan yang dibuat oleh seseorang
Pendaftar untuk membuat rayuan kepada Pegawai Pengadil. Dalam konteks ini,
keputusan yang dibuat oleh seseorang Pegawai Pengadil di bawah Peraturan
19(4) Peraturan-peraturan Pilihan Raya (Pendaftaran Pemilih) 2002 adalah
muktamad dan tidak boleh lagi dipersoalkan oleh mana-mana pihak.

3. Selepas semua urusan berhubung dengan tuntutan dan bantahan selesai
serta selepas Pendaftar memperakui DPT bagi kawasan pendaftaran
masing-masing di dalam Borang F, Ketua Pendaftar akan memperakui Daftar
Pemilih Tambahan (DPT) bagi setiap suku tahun untuk disahkan oleh
Mesyuarat Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR). DPT berkenaan akan diwartakan
sebaik sahaja setelah ia disahkan oleh Mesyuarat SPR.

Apa yang berlaku bukanlah kerana masalah teknikal tetapi kerana DPT
Suku4/2007 itu perlu melalui proses seperti di atas. Selepas diwartakan
barulah puan dapat membuat semakan melalui laman web SPR.

Untuk makluman puan juga, pada pertengahan Januari ini SPR akan
mempamerkan Rang daftar Pemilih Tambahan Suku 4/2007 di 840 tempat pameran
di seluruh negara selama seminggu. Semasa pameran tersebut, puan boleh
membuat semakan mengenai pendaftaran pemilih yang puan telah buat sebelum
ini. tarikh pameran RDPT 4/2007 dan mewartakan DPT 4/2007 ini akan
dimaklumkan melalui media cetak dan media elektronik.

sekian harap maklum

So apparently that is the reason….but I ain’t going to just roll over if the situation does not change by the end of this month, I’m going all out….Anyway have you guys heard about the issue of those who aren’t of voting age being on the electoral roll? Funny eh…but I checked some IC numbers that I received from a friend and checked it on the SPR website, you’d be surprised to see what I SAW!! How far it is true I do not know at this point? If anyone has any idea on this matter ..heard of anything….please do clarify or let me know a.s.a.p. ….Looks fishy…fishy..

  1. Jacklin a/p Rayapan says:

    I already register previously but can’t find my record in system, would please help…
    Shall register my particulars thru on-line now.

    Appreciate your advise on this…


  2. cher says:

    Firstly when did you register to become a voter? Double-check your status as a voter at When you registered, there would have given you some documents for verification.If you are still not on the list those documents will help
    prove that you indeed registered but have not been put on the list.If you have done it sometime back probably there is something we can do about it if not I’m not very sure as the master electoral roll is already out and has been gazetted, but I will refer you to my good friend Haris who will probably be able to advise you on possible solutions. Visit him at, leave him a comment or email him.

    Hope I was of some help.Take care!

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