Missing in Action but Back to stay in 2008

Posted: January 3, 2008 in Malaysia

Hey this shall be a very short post. Just to inform my readers that I’m still around and I apologize for the long absence as I was occupied with family and personal matters in December thus the lack of postings for quite some time. It will definitely be a busy year for me as I’m in the process of completing my studies and will have the opportunity to meet many interesting people this year.

I shall be back full swing soon enough but for now I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year!! I’m looking forward to see what will happen in 2008.With scandals erupting at the wake of 2008 and bells ringings signaling that the General Elections are around the corner…I wonder what 2008 holds for Malaysia and her people…. I wonder if the Malaysian Government has learnt anything from her people, I wonder if all the demonstrations, peaceful marches has made an impact on them… I wonder if the Malaysian public realizes the significance of doing away with ISA, of boycotting the MSM, of not allowing at 2/3 majority of BN….I wonder if Malaysia is ready for the challenges posed for this coming year…..will she continue to do as she has done for the last 50 years or will there be an awakening of consciousness on the part of our government??? I guess we will have to wait and see…… won’t we????

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

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