Will I be Arrested Today???

Posted: December 13, 2007 in Freedom of Expression

What really constitutes an illegal gathering? When like-minded people assembly to hold a candlelight vigil? When courageous citizens stand up for what the belief is true by marching down the streets to remind the government that we are indeed still alive and kicking??? When people who believe that something cancerous is eating up our government and show their concern??

Today, concerned citizens of Malaysia will gather….to hold a candlelight vigil in solidarity for those who have been arrested wrongfully for their participation in the Freedom Walk……I’ll be there …Will you? I don’t know but what I do know is that each of us need to seriously think about what sort of Malaysia we want for our children, if this is what we want..if we want our children to grow up like robots with no-mind of their own, only thinking about nothing but themselves, caring for only the concerns of their own community/race/family…then do sit tight in your comfortable homes and stay away but if you too feel the need for change..the need for an awakening I urge you to stand together with us to tell our government…to inform them that we are here to stay and that there will not scare us from seeking the truth and wanting so much more for our beloved homeland…

By the rights given to us under the constitution we are indeed right in our cause…to assembly peacefully…but then again…..is not all the time that the law is followed…….and if things get rough and you can’t really do much about convicting an innocent person you can always use ISA (Ikut Suka Aku) law that provides all those in power to use as they see fit in the name of harmony…stability..and peace….

So will I be arrested today?I do not know..I surely hope not as I do not find any cause of mine wrongfully be it morally or in the eyes of the law but then again as I said earlier with our government we never know and they way things have been going down for the months there is no saying who and why someone in Malaysia can be arrested. I guess if you do not hear from me here for an extended period I’ll probably be locked up somewhere…scary no doubt but what else can I do if not stand for my rights…if i don’t today for the many more whom have been the front liners… who will be left to defend me or any of you in the future???…

We all have to make a choice…


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