Jusco:Largest Mall or Longest Parking Line???

Posted: December 12, 2007 in Freedom of Expression

What started off as a pleasant day out with family members at the largest Jusco shopping mall supposedly in Southeast Asia ended up……..like this……scroll down for a series of pictures depicting the scenario of what went down that fateful day!



 If this looks like a typical line-up to pay your parking…think again…


 Boy can looks be deceiving….but come on it can’t be all that bad…can it???



But then again nothing ever ceases to amaze me….for it never does end..


But grows and grows with anxious consumers losing their cool


The patient people who have lined up began to lose their cool after more than half an hour


The NOT SO HAPPY people voicing out at the management guy



Young & restless or inconsiderate and selfish???

As more newcomers cut the lines in the hope of leaving a lil faster than the rest


Almost near the finishing line after more than an hour

Not only did we need to bear the cost of the hours we spent inside but also the time we spent lining up waiting to pay which equalled a little over an hour


The human jam might have ended for us….but then the traffic jam to get out of the parking lots soon began, it was a never ending day of traffic. So what did the management do? Although they did send some members of the management to deal with the crowd that did not really help as the only thing they did was stand beside the machines and slot the money in….no action or back up plan to resolve the human jam ensued instead it carried god knows for how long more after we left….if we had to wait more than an hour I can just imagine how it was like for many others. It sure wasn’t pleasing to have to pay extra due to the inefficient planning of the management. After checking with the security personnel who informed us that there were only 2 parking machines in the whole building that was functioning, we proceeded to check out the other machine which also was experiencing the same amount of traffic. Although when my mum personally made a complain to the guy in blue(in the pic) he claimed that there were definitely more than 2 machines in the whole building that were functioning and the jam was due to the fact that people refused to use the other machines that I find to be a WHOLE LOAD OF BULL….come on who would rather wait an hour instead of just opting to use another machine situated in the same building…???? I felt that matter was dealt with very inappropriately. Firstly for some of those who made a big racket…..proved to be good (talk about being selfish and only caring for the well-being of yourself and no one else)for them as they managed to cut the existing line and go right ahead as the management did not want any scene I suppose while the rest of us stood waiting while many more took advantage of that situation….I for one will definitely not go back to Bkt Tinggi Shopping Centre……what the point of spending so much of money on parking and end up taking so much time paying for a ticket…It was surely a disappointing experiencing…boasting 5,000 parking bays alone in that particular area….but at the same time not being able to cater to the crowd was truly………………..sigh……a blow….for what it could have stood out for..Hopefully it improves or else many more might end up feeling the same way..




  1. Khengsiong says:

    How come the photos are ‘compressed’ and everyone looks so slim? Is it a problem with my web browser?

    People like new stuff. That’s why they flocked to the newly open Jusco. Or perhaps there were opening sales!??

  2. cherwith says:

    ya they are compressed…i really dunno why though tried resizing them but to no avail….any ideas?/ Im a dope when it comes to this kindda thing….lol… Ya its newly opened…but why I can’t understand is their inefficient actions when this sort of problem occured, the fact that the largest jusco supposedly has only 2 machines is ridiculous…

  3. sabrina says:

    My brother also had to stand in line for about an hour cos the stupid asses don’t have the brains to put additional machines!

    When i went last week, they had added just ONE more machine.!!!!!

    Stupid doesn’t even begin to describe them la

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