It’s Saffron Sunday! Make your mark…light a candle Malaysians!

Posted: December 2, 2007 in Freedom of Expression


Once again I urge civil society throughout the whole of Malaysia wherever you may be, be it the North, South, West or even East….play your part and light a candle together with the rest of us today starting from 8.30pm till 12.00 am to signify your support to end the bullying, the marginalization, the deprivation and neglect of each and everyone of us Malaysians time and time again.

As<”Haris of People Parliament”>puts it perfectly, “you can have a wild party and light candles or make it a quiet affair with the family”…at the end of the day how you decide to light your candles is up to you, the most important thing is that you do it with the intention and determination to support each of us Malaysians in their struggle towards achieving a better Malaysia for you and for me…\ Read

Read <”Haris of People Parliament”> for his take on the significance of the candle lighting this Saffron Sunday for his take on the significance of the candle lighting this Saffron Sunday Spread the word around, tell your brother, sister, auntie, uncle, grandpa, friends, colleagues …….everyone you know in rallying support for this meaningful cause, our very own Saffron Sunday.. to signify our unwavering strength and love for Malaysia and Malaysian, in our quest to say to the powers that be that enough is enough…we will not allow them to bully us further as civil society has risen..

Take photos!! Document this significant event! Delight in the fact that Malaysians everywhere are together despite the distance for one cause for one important reason, for you and for me….for us…for MALAYSIANS! Once you have documented this significance event do feel free to send them to As the Penguin Walk, the Yellow March and the Gandhi Walk have proved……..civil society will speak up…..

They have spoken…will the continue to do so?

I will

You can make it possible, it’s all up to you now…The question is will you???? Or will you wait another day, yet another month, yet another year for change to occur without being part of it???

Make your choice….the time is now!


Remember who we are….Anak Bangsa Malaysia


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