What’s the Big Fuss Over Rallies…Marches…Candle Lighting After all???

Posted: November 30, 2007 in Freedom of Expression

Not to long ago we witnessed the Penguin Walk, whereby for the first time we saw our lawyers together with civil society brave the rain to march on towards the vision of a better judiciary in Malaysia….not to long after that we saw the Yellow March, which signified civil society cry or plea for electoral reforms…..barely a few days ago we witnessed the Gandhi walk (what I’d like to call it), whereby we saw the ethnic Indian community at large together with other concerned Malaysian of different ethnic communities march for their rights….

Some might think, why the big fuss….why bother taking to the streets and get sprayed by water cannons laced with chemical water, tear gas and the possibility of been hurled off by the authorities or worse still beaten up and arrested. Why? Why? Why?

Why all the fuss? What can the rallies do after all you might think?Of late you here people fussing over a candle lighting session called Saffron Sunday? You might think how can me lighting a candle in my house or with a few friends do for us Malaysians?

But just take a second to look beyond…to look at the bigger picture? What do you think these rallies, marches……signify? What do you think the Malaysian people are saying? Has there ever been such a show of support ever in Malaysia? Have you ever seen people taking the time off their busy schedules to walk on the streets before? Why do you think this 10,000 till 40,000 people over the course of a month or two in these various rallies seek to achieve? Why did you think they walked the walk?

For me its actually very simple…..People want a change! People want to be heard…..people want their government to realize that there will not be silenced…there will not be static…there will speak up….there will fight for their rights….These rallies that we have witnessed either by being there personally or through our TV or computer screens……say so much more…..let’s take the Hindraf rally for instance…some might think its a silly idea to expect Queen Elizabeth to compensate the ethnic Indians in monetary terms due to the state of ethnic Indians in the country at the moment….I for one think it is really silly but do I support the march that went down on the 25th? I definitely do! Why you might ask….

Like I said…I believe that the ethnic Indians and other Malaysians that took to the streets on the 25th were not there for the share of the pie that they expected to get from Queen Elizabeth..No no…if it was so trivial ..I wouldn’t even bother about this rally but the fact of the matter was that it was SO MUCH MORE! It was about alerting the government that they had enough…that they will not be marginalized anymore..they would not be quiet…..I believe that all they wanted was to be heard…to be given a voice…to be cared for…….I believe that’s what all of us Malaysians want despite our different ethnic, social background. We want our government to hear us out, we want our government to care…we want our government to play their part in our lives..to be apart of our lives not be a dictator over our lives!

The significance of these rallies..marches…and our Saffron Sunday to light candles throughout the whole of Malaysia is to signal to our great government that we have a voice…and that voice will continue to voice out the concerns of each and everyone of us Malaysian be it about the judiciary, the electoral processes, basic human rights, marginalization, deprivation……the list goes on..Only if we continue to tell our government that we are alive and kicking, we will fight for our voice..only then will they truly listen……

Let us all not be bullied by constant threats to use ISA.OSA….and god knows what other laws…….let’s show them that Malaysians are not be pushed to the sidelines when it is their country that is on the line.. when its their people whom are of the greatest concern……

Speak now people…..or forever be silenced..

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