Young Lady Kidnapped: Have You Seen Her?

Posted: November 28, 2007 in Freedom of Expression

Today morning I received an sms from Haris alerting of a kidnap of a young gal, ethnic Chinese by 3 guys at Shah Alam. Minutes ago I received an email from a close friend revealing more precise details of the kidnap enclosed with a picture of the young lady. According to the email received, the young lady whom was kidnapped is DORA GOH. The kidnapping took place at their office PADINI open parking lot in Glenmarie.

An eye witness said that she was grabbed by 2 guys, ethnic Chinese into a car which had another guy also ethic Chinese whom was in the drives seat. She described the man whom grabbed Dora as fat while the other was thin and tall (no further description was given-this general description might not be very helpful) As the incident was so sudden and unexpected, they only managed to collect that they were driving a Silver Toyota Camry (plate number 7641)

Anyone who has seen this lady or know of any information that can be helpful, please feel free to contact the nearest police station. Her life is possibly at stake so people please be alert and do take heed as it could have happened to any one of us.


UPDATED: Info on Dora:

Dora Goh Wei Wei, 25 year-old, 155cm

For anyone who manages to find the car or eye-witnessed the case, please report to police or contact +60123515248



  1. fountain says:

    Can some good souls pls contact Police HQ Bkt Aman now b4 its too late?

  2. cherwith says:

    apparently a police report has already been made. Shall update later once I come back from work if there any any other updates …

  3. eric ho says:

    the first 24 hours are critical…after that, the chances of finding her are less and less…ever watch CSI / Criminal minds ?

  4. Sylvester GOH says:

    My god.. Those kidnappers are humanless! God damn it..

  5. […] ============================================= Info from others!!…e-you-seen-her/ Screenshots – […]

  6. rsp says:

    I Don’t understand why the first picture is Penang Road in Penang.

  7. Derrick says:

    Hi, if we have the car make and number plate, i believe we can always deliver this information to the police to get to the owner of the car (unless it is a stolen vehicle)

  8. campbell says:

    God bless her, hope she is safe and nothing happen to her. Hope the bad guys’ intention is money and nothing else. *pray

  9. Derek says:

    A friend forward message to me via Yahoo Messenger, I call the number provided to verify the integrity of this message, a lady (Dora’s colleague) answered the call and said she was not sure whether the car is gold or silver. And the car was driven towards Klang area.

    So pls keep an eye for Gold / Silver Camry (plate number 7641) .

  10. kenninaz says:

    it’s actually the first 48 hours. but then again this is msia… so might be 24 hrs afterall.


  11. Hakaiou says:

    I had already spread the news around the klang valley.. through sms..
    so i wish maybe some of our frens managed to recognise the toyota camry ..

    Praise Lord~

  12. Unknown says:

    it shud be 3 malay/indonesian n gold color camry as said by witnesses.
    … please update 10q.

  13. tarzen says:

    how come they managed to see the number plate,,but can’t manage to see the ABC ? and the first PERSON who saw this incident, how she knows it was DORA goh,,,and the news is spread to her College in Penang… and it happened in Shah Alam,,,can’t this be some story by someone !!!

  14. says:

    I cann’t imagine what will happen to her…

  15. vignaraj says:

    You could also report this to the press as early as possible.It may get the publics attention more on it .Try to get some hard copies of her photos and place around the public view as well.Do not give up!

  16. someone says:

    malaysia police is rubbish and babi.they just think kidnap and rape is normal case !!!

  17. Unknown says:

    let us pray for her safety…!!! and update the info stated, thanks.

  18. sirbutterroll says:

    en.polis no.173173173: ayam sorry but we cannot the do a thing aaaa bcoz 24 hours is not count as aaaaa missing. kambek in 48 hours n then we see aaaa wat we can do.

  19. esther says:

    Lets cross our finger & pray together for her …

  20. damon says:

    Any updates guys?

  21. cs says:

    i hope she will be fine.. i put a post at major forum .. and both my blog……

    hope got more ppl help on this……

  22. Elvin Yeo says:

    May god bless her

  23. knoc says: stated the car is in gold colour..

  24. Darren ho says:

    ever watch CSI / Criminal minds ? lol u think is drama/tv series mer sohaii… help report if u see tat car la sohai

  25. acex says:

    sad case another pretty young lady kena kidnapped.
    well, sometimes i should say not even lady but guy will some too.
    Just share my experience, last time i was kidnapped at petrol station .. nearby bukit bintang area .. with 3 guys; tall, skinny and fat .. cut it short .. in da end i’m still alive as .. i do tell them .. of coz la ” last time i got a lot of big big tai koh mah ” … so i dare to tell them if u wanted money yes .. there will HELL note for you a lot lot …. then you can enjoy it 😛
    at the end .. they just drop me somewhere and took my car away .. KNN them .. make me waste money to change another car ….

  26. tom says:

    damn the kidnappers…do u think police force will do their work efficiently?

  27. kelvin says:

    i wonder y there are many shit heads around… maniac… pervert.. fuck them man .. we should burn them

  28. ben says:

    Pray hard she aLive and be Found
    y pretty gal have to be like that…

  29. chris says:

    sorry to hear about this case , hope plice can find her ASAP!!!

  30. G@V@N says:

    Oh my gosh~! i dun want to imagine what they would/could have done to her… please bring her back to her family safely…

  31. siti says:

    I pray she will be found asap safe and sound

  32. GENKI says:

    arg..wondering wheter i should move to that place onot ==l..not safety at all…..
    sad…gals pls always alarm urself when u r out…..

  33. sean says:

    haih so sad. 😦 pray for safe return

  34. Can someone please tell me if she is safve ? has anyone tried her mobile phone. Perhaps get the mobile phone company’s help e.g. to trace her location or something like that. Please pray that she is safe.

    I am totally fed up of listening to these sort of news. Snatch thieves, kidnapping, etc. It’s a very Sad Malaysia to be living in.

  35. I didn’t mean her mobile phone company. I meant her mobiele phone service provider e.g. Maxis, Digi, Celcom , etc

  36. WJ says:

    have this case report to police? our police should do something.

  37. skyboy says:

    pls let me know the full number plate…i wish that i can help this lady…

  38. deb says:

    i really feel symphatetic on our country’s public security.
    truly hope that she’s fine.
    pray for her.

  39. Tarzen says:

    I received a phone call from Dora’s closes friend saying that she is fine. Dora did call to her college and told that she is OK, what the USELESS being wanted is just Money. the ANIMAL had called Dora’s father for ransom…and by now,,,,DORA is sleeping in her room peacefully.
    According to her college, they said her voice on the phone sounds like she is OK…so all should not worry. Let’s see what’s the news paper say about it tomolo. 🙂

  40. devilina says:

    May god bless her

  41. Tarzen says:

    Also, do not think of the Malaysian Police will do their job, the police is malaysia is the MOST useless assess in this country. They are the licensed GANGSTER,,they can punch you there and there with no fault being charged.

    They work and investigate when the victim is killed or murdered…stupid . But not like other country, investigate and serach for the girl once the report has been made. Yah,,malaysia boleh,,,apa pun boleh….. take all the money put in space,,then should for victory,,,useless,,,.

    Malaysia has become bad and will become worse than Indonesia…whereby the Mat Rempit,,they are the king of Robery,GOV wont disturb them at the min time cos need more votes for election….haha …

  42. anonymous says:

    dear all,

    as i was one of them that did not really bother till now that it happen to her, i finally realise that this is not a joke. everyone, police and family are still searching for her. friends and relatives are taking more effort to look around surroundings as they drive out to see if they can spot the car.

    as there is nothing much that lot of us can do, let god hear our pray and let god know that this girl’s life is precious. nevertheless, each and everyone of us is precious.

    lets pray for her safety and also for god to be by her side to comfort her, give her faith and strength.

    dora is a strong will girl and i know she will be back safe.

    as for the number plate, the car was too fast, and only numbers were spotted. we tried her mobile service but only if she has friend finder service that we can locate her.

    P/S: lets pray for her safe return.

  43. maegen says:

    latest updates @ 07:30am 29/11/07

    Dora been released & picked up by her bf & family members safely @ CHERAS ! please inform frens that been worried about her . THANKS !!

    that’s the shorts good news received this morning from her bf though!!

  44. Zynie says:

    it’s kinda sad that our society is not safe enough nowadays where kidnap do happened in your own office. police report will be good though not much things they can do (as u know how the authorities will look up to this case, so better don’t wait) pretty gals always will fall prey on unwanted tragedy, that’s is so true in malaysia. Whoever read this articles, do your part as a good samaritan, eye on the plate and who knows good luck will be on your side.

  45. allisia says:

    The society is sick, sick, sick… Please forward to other ppl as many as we can, never never put hope to our local police! God will bless her.

  46. wee says:

    try submitting number to taxi company and get it broadcast to all taxi drivers….i think better then police……good luck

  47. Der says:

    Let’s us pray for this gal come back soon and safe. May god bless her. Amend

  48. Alan says:

    Almost everyday, newspaper publish the criminary case in malaysia! What happen to our social recently?
    It’s become horrible and terrible threaten our daily life!
    Malaysia will become like indonesia soon if the criminary case continuously arise…

    Hope Dora is safe now! But the chances is really really limited! Pray hard for her…

  49. woodoo says:

    I heard a kidnap girl was released this morning in cheras market area. Dunno weather was her or yet another kidnapped case…..

  50. chuin says:

    God bless her..Let pray hard for her safety…

  51. fren says:

    Heard that she is safe n back this morning,should be at hospital now..

  52. charmed one says:


    She was kidnapped at Padini Parking lot, in Glenmarrie, Shah Alam, yesterday (28th Nov) at 9.15 am. Eye witness (her collegue) said: She was grabbed by 2 guys, ethnic Chinese into a car which had another guy also ethic Chinese whom was in the drives seat. It was a SILVER CAMRY number 7641.

    The original email was sent by:

    Leong Lian See, Ms

    Department Coordinator, Merchandising

    PADINI DOT COM SDN BHD ( 510558-H )

    No. 19, Jalan U1 / 20,

    Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park,

    40150, Shah Alam.

    Selangor Darul Ehsan

    Tel : 603 5123 3633

    DID : 603 5039 7007

    Fax : 603 5569 5242

    Mobile : 6016 284 6182

  53. iLia says:

    shes safe d 😀

  54. Genethenne says:

    What about her family??
    Did her family member know that she was been kidnap??
    any further news??

  55. Vincent Lai says:

    Latest Update: Dora is in safe hands now. She’s back with her family after the kidnappers were paid a ransom of RM50K.

    Nowhere in Malaysia is really that safe now. Not even your home compound is free of criminals. Ensure you watch your back and never walk alone, especially women/girls.


  56. HOE says:

    Dun worry! Dora was released tis morning at 7.30am. sms provided by a fren of Dora…. RELIEVED!!!!!!

  57. ee vern says:

    i heard from a fren of mine saying that they have already found her…. and she’s in the hospital now…

  58. missironic says:

    Cud it possibly be an insider job? As in someone who knows her kidnap her? i mean after all, she’s being kidnap in a camry..i figure if an unknown kidnapper wont use camry to kidnap ppl rite? they either use msia made cars or van i guess..tats wat i tink la..

    tis is SERIOUSLY the critical moment..hope she will be found soon. Alive and not missing anyting else..why is msia getting scarier and scarier? sighs….

  59. Lprincess says:

    Yes this case is true. She is my friend’s colleague and so happen is also my cousin’s colleague’s wife. My cousin told me this yesterday even before I read this page. Update on the case that the kidnapper was found this morning, but my cousin said still unsure whether they got the right person or not. Pray hard that she can be found safely….

  60. Yeap 1207 says:


    Comment by tarzen on November 28, 2007 4:53 pm
    how come they managed to see the number plate,,but can’t manage to see the ABC ? and the first PERSON who saw this incident, how she knows it was DORA goh,,,and the news is spread to her College in Penang… and it happened in Shah Alam,,,can’t this be some story by someone !!!

  61. im not a bias says:

    i just dont understand why people always blame the police force when it comes to busting crimes. You guys should know, the there is not enough policemen in Malaysia to take care of everything. Maybe somebody who complaints alot can try to be a policemen so we can see whether u can do your job or not. Macam la semua kes bunuh dan rogol dalam Malaysia tak pernah diselesaikan.. tau nak komplen je. kalau korang susah, polis jugak korang carik kan? apesal tak pegi selesaikan sendiri? kata pandai sangat.

  62. chan says:

    Guys, ransom is paid and Dora is released! Let’s hope that she can get over the incident soon.
    Thank you for all your kind attention all these while.

  63. Malevolence says:

    The police dowan do anything, nothing much we can do also. The pulic did all they can FASTER than the police already anyway.
    We are not trained or educated in this matte but they are.(as far as I should be concern..I’m still doubtful though).

    I’ll race you, the public will solve this FASTER than police. And the police will be nothing more than decoration in the newspapper with
    their usual “we need the public teamwork” comments.

  64. Kim says:

    I just received an email saying that Dora is now safe after being released just now after paying a ransom of RM50K. Thank God she is alright.

  65. kattane says:

    Yes Dora is safely back home…
    but the payment not that high la…
    anyway, very thank god that she’s safe now

  66. Yeap 1207 says:

    Latest news.. she already release, now in hospital.

  67. Malevolence says:

    I check Most blogs and comfrim Dora is safe in hospital. Probably she’s handling the turma.
    As usual …we shall see police “ronda’ there for a week or 2.. They should be drinking teh tarik at mamak stall nearby…aiihh…old story.

    The Public Works better and WAY FASTER than the police. The best part is that we are untrained for situations like this. so, what training do you need to be police? ~_~””!

    Ohh yea, I’ll let all the employers and big bosses know, you treat people bad, people treat you bad. If

  68. antirasuah says:

    Police really useless. i think if we let the police do this case and she wont be found now. this case is solved cos is handled by the family though paid ransom for 50k. Police in Msia is not trustable and don ever to trust them. “im not a bias”, you should kena rompak atau kidnap then u will know how useless the police is. i have experienced this before n i really can see how useless and inefficient they are. really thank God that this is solved and she is fine.

  69. sri says:

    thank to god.

  70. doink says:

    this case is for real ? thought it was another email scam …

  71. adrian228028 says:

    Really found her ar?
    Thanks god they found her safely !!

  72. gugu says:

    Its sad la.but then if she is not pretty or look sweets, dont think it will attract the concern from public lo..sorry to say that but its true lo..gaga…

  73. gugu says:

    dun always blame police la.always blame blame blame,but you all didnt show up to help la..
    chiense is like that 1,even if chiense see a snatch thieves,dont think they will gon help lo.they will only mumbling in the Blog,in the forum or kopitiam and say police is like that la,becoz most of them are pigs la..ciu…talk is cheap la..

  74. Tarzen says:

    Police in Malaysia is really useless,,, do not need to deny “im not a bias” everyone knows it,,,all the world knows it…
    Let’s talk about the Canny Ong’s case……the Animal Rapist sped off with Canny in the Proton Tiara,,,leaving all the IC and ID on the Police’s hand, what did the police do? stood there and become stupid?watching people ran away,,, not only leaving the ID…even a sped off after being block,,police should take action on suspecious. But the Canny case, BUAT DIAM aje,,,,, and no action taken to the 2 stupid police…apa mau deny lagi.

    If for other country, canny should have gone back to US and live peacefully with her husband by now, poor innocent girl.

    This time the Kidnapper was chinese, and shame on you chinese who did this case,,you should be captured and punished. Shame on you, get out of Malaysia and stay in other country where you cannot do crime,,then you’ll know wat happen to you.

  75. if the police to do something now they would have arrested the bastards by now. the parents able to raise the money on short time, of course this will alert the police when they monitoring in silence. and during passing the ransom and victim collection, sure the police should have identify the kidnappers, if they only do their job….

  76. LT says:

    Glad to know she is well now. The case should not end here. Any arrangement with the police during the ransom payment ? These guys should NOT be let of so easily. Non-punishment leads to more daring crime in the future !!!

  77. jchan says:

    Me too, just receive an e-mail that she was save.

    Wat, 50k of ransom!!!!
    Anyway, great that she was save now.

  78. toto says:

    There is no ransom paid in this incident , 2 chinese guy that past by actually save her , by carry 2 wooden stick out from their car and came to rescue her , from 2 indonesia slang speaking guy.

    More details on this link ( unfortunately it is in chinese ) and this incident was happened on 24th Nov , which is already close to a week ago.

  79. exy says:

    thanks god she is safe now. just want to comment about the police, last time when my friend get rob, a police cr just pass by and my friend try to stop the police but then didnt stop and speed away……so stupid

  80. bob says:

    please do not stop here…. whats next? just end like that meh? We should continue this as an awareness campaign to all.

  81. Fact says:

    Hello “im not a bias”,

    Amat lucu apa yang kamu ucapkan di atas…..Sudah lupa berapa kali saya golek di atas lantai. Tanggungjawab seorang polis semeangnya ialah membasmikan jenayah. Jika tidak, takkan tanggungjawab ini menjadi tanggungjawab public pula??! Kalau saya ada ambil gaji sebagai polis, tentunya saya akan mencuba sedaya upaya untuk membantu… sebabnya “prevent always better than cure”. Takkan kamu harap sesuatu yang tak baik happen, baru nak buat kerja kah….sayan beritahu kamu…..on that time semua pun sudah terlambat….
    Kes bunuh dan rogol dalam Malaysia yang mentioned by kamu….this is a fact that there are so many murder n rape case memang belum tangkap itu si penjahat….

  82. rusty_soul says:

    To: Im not a bias
    If we were to settle this kind of cases by ouselves, what’s the point of having police in the country? If they cant even prioritize which cases are more important, who can? Pray hard for youself this kind of cases not gonna happen on you or your family!

  83. toto says:

    My mistake ,

    I mixed up 2 of the incidents.

    My sincere appologies to everyone ><

  84. Victim says:

    Halo “im not a bias”,
    Our police slogan is “saya pun tak boleh buat apa-apa”. Myself experience that before… Either before or after they also cant do anything… really sucks!!!

  85. im not bias says:

    you don’t have to race with me or bet anything about this, i just hope for once, people can understand that crimes happen like every minutes and i’m sure they are trying their best to keep this country in peace and safe. None of you guys thanked them when they catch the murderer of Cannie Ong.. or the little girl in Johor that was raped and murdered in the TNB store years ago or Kalimuthu or Botak Chin.. OK? Give them a break and try to appreciate a little bit la kawan…

  86. Alan says:

    Luckily she is safed!! God blessed indeed!
    Social of malaysia is rotten now… robery, kidnap, murder, rape, lot and lot criminal arise!!
    Guys and girls out there… pls becareful although u r not walking in alone…
    Criminal arise publish in newspapers, most of them have weapon, example gun, parang, knife and hammer… all of you can imagine… how dangerous can be our social now…
    And recent news, somemore police killer appears… sigh…. dangerous and it has threaten our daily life…

  87. kt says:

    god bless this gal finally get to find her…..hope she is alright now

  88. kelvin says:

    good to hear that she is safe…

  89. Tarzen says:

    YUP….police is the person who figths crime, if we need to risk our life to fight crime,then whats for the GOV paying so much money for a bunch of NUTS to sit in office and keep saying,,,, ” kita pun tak boleh buat apa “.

    I faced and heard this word before, and I really look down on them.

    My friend’s BAG was robe by a Malay, and she made a report,,,and when the police write down the Column of BANGSA PENCURI : so my fren told the police it was a “MALAY”..100% malay. then the police said , ” Saya tahu lah, you cina mesti cakap melayu lah “…. then the police wrote ” disyaki MELAYU”

    What’s that for ? can’t accept the fact?

    Malaysia Apa Pun Boleh…!!!

  90. Tarzen says:

    I really hate those 3 chinese who did this case, I hope the police will quickly arrest them and give them a heavy punishment, make sure that in the future they be a good Citizen in Malaysia. Really BUAT malu for the rakyat Malaysia. But the police……haiiiiii…… i think the 3 ANIMAL chinese guy will run away safe lah….cos police wont find out who were they.

    If we are to say that police can’t 24 hours taking care for the safety of the citizen, YA,,i agree with this notion. So then, increase the punishment of LAW when one’s commits crime. But not 6 or 8 years jail and thats it. Do you know what is the punishment for rape in Arab or other country? go check out, im sure if the punishment is in Malaysia, for sure the crime rate will be decreased. Why Malaysia has such a high crime rate, it is becos Malaysia too SAYANG to criminal, just give light punishment, and yet feed them with FREE food, so who the HELL scare of the Malaysia GOV ?

    I hope these 3 chinese will be arrested soon and get a VERY VERY heavy punishment, ROTAN them 12 rotan,,,,cos i’m wondering if they MOLESTED Dora or not,,she is just a beautiful girl and innocent. They can Kidnap a person, after all, what is MOLEST to those ANIMAL…. sad.

    Malaysia Apa Pun Boleh.

  91. tulip says:

    Please remove Dora’s photo. Thanks!

  92. stranger says:

    someday Malaysia will be worse then Indonesia. This is the fact we must accept. This has nth to do with “race”. Malay or Chinese be police is almost the same. All they want is money or “kopi O”. My fren can even scold the police when his car got no roadtax, dark tinted , sport exhaust and no putting on sit belt which driving then the police just let him go like that. From here u can see that even bad pp not scared of the police anymore why will criminal scared of them? all can be done if u got money.. I hope someday when i come back to Malaysia it will be a law-strict country.

  93. kiki says:

    Thanks God, she is back with safely. Hope she is alright

  94. Jv says:

    I am a Malaysia myself who lives overseas. Trust me there is no way these will stop in Malaysia. The only way is to show your voting power in the upcoming election. Vote for the opposition. That is the only way to save ourselves.

  95. not malay says:

    To: im not a bias

    I feel that u never watch news…..if the police can settle these kind of kes….there will be less crime by now….cant u see the murder of 1 chinese gal at ipoh….until now…the police still cant get the crime….what are they doing? they did nothing but keep on dragging the kes until eveyone of us get lame on this kes then they will “close file”….or maybe “end kes”…..and another kes for the Mongolia gal been murder….how about now??the kes settle dee??or the murderer is capture…..but now…this kes is not fresh anymore….so most of the public thought the kes is settle and deal….so we also duno wat happen at the end….

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