Bersih Rally A Success Despite Pathetic Attempts!

Posted: November 11, 2007 in Bangsa Malaysia, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, human rights, Justice, Malaysia, Society

I just returned from work and I’m glad to hear that the Bersih Rally went as planned. I salute those of you whom had the courage to stand up and show them what its all about. Although I was not there in person, I was in spirit. Malaysiakini reported an amount of 40,000 people who showed up to march the way to the Istana negara. It was led by Anwar Ibrahim who was accompanied by both Hadi Awang and Lim Kit Siang. Sadly the government does not understand what a peaceful rally or protest is all about and resorted to behavior in the most absurd behavior ever. Instead of allowing the peaceful march to go on, they instead decided to rain the brave marchers with the use of tear gas and water cannons. So much for them saying it ain’t a police state now eh? Well,I don’t have much time so I’ll leave it at that…Once I get a more personal account of what went down at the Bersih Rally I shall update accordingly.

Once again for all you brave ones who marched, I salute your courage to stand up for free and fair elections. I proudly stand as yet another person to vote BN out most definitely. (Yes ! I finally registered as a VOTER!- well now I can say that my birthday was memorable as I became a voter..officially)

Check Malaysia Today, Malaysiakini  for more updates

  1. telenews says:

    How dare you use such idiotic word as ‘pathetic attempts’
    By not attending the rally, you have disqualified yourself from uttering anything about it.
    You went out of your way to use such words as ” Pathetic Attempts”
    when the hot-blooded participants used every ingenuity to reach the square.
    They exposed themselves to bodily injuries, incarceration in the merciless
    local jailhouse, and be beaten into pulps.
    On the other hand, the FRU were totally lost and did not know what to do.
    They only managed to employ what they knew best hiding behind
    tear-gas bombs and power chemically laced water jets to hit back.

    By using such idiotic words to describe us, you are glorifying the police.
    F. U.

  2. shankar says:

    Hmmm… The Straits Times had no reports and The Star had about three paragraphs in their report. Sounds like these miserable so called newspaper were ordered by the ruling party not to report or they have lost their journalistic ability to report news. Shame on them. Subscribe to read what really goes on in Malaysiakini.

  3. cherwith says:

    I wasn’t referring to those who attended the rally but the police and FRU in regards to their attempt to stop the rally and to disrupt it once it begun in full swing. If you had actually read my whole entry carefully you would have understood what I meant! So please before you accuse me of being this or do read carefully.

  4. unlisted says:

    I will say I am neutral, but I don’t like the idea of 40 000 people crowding KL like that. The traffic jem is like hell. Then we have Anwar Ibrahim leading the rally..duh,..he hate peace isn’t he?

  5. cherwith says:

    This goes beyond traffic jams, the issue is much bigger than that. Sometimes it is necessary for a little of inconvenience to occur in order to achieve greater and bigger things. What is a traffic jam if compared to gaining freer and fairer elections? The rally was not done for the benefit of only those who belonged to political parties, NGOs and others, it wasn’t only representing those who marched but millions other who could not! Those who marched on 10-11 marched for the likes of you and me, for the rakyat, for the betterment of Malaysian society and it would be nice if they were appreciated. About Anwar well I’ll leave you with your thoughts, for me the rally wasn’t about political parties per say but about the greater good for all us simpleton rakyat (even those of us who claim to be neutral!)

  6. CY says:

    Hi Cherwith, don’t be happy that you’ve registered as a voter just yet. I’ve registered since July and yet until now my name is still not on the official voters list.

    I’ve written a letter to one of the mainstream papers on this. On hindsight, I was stupid to expect that they would publish a letter which was based entirely on facts and asking for an explanation from EC.

    So until you see your name in the electoral roll, don’t be happy just yet 😦

  7. cherwith says:

    Ya….I checked and my name is not on the official list. I’ll give them a month then I’m going to start writing letter….try to talk to Haris of People’s Parliament, he suggested that for those who are still not on the list after registering send a letter to SPR and cc him then he will write in his blog…

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