UMNO KERIS HERE TO STAY…but What about Racism?

Posted: November 6, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, Malaysia, Race + Religion, Society

It’s all about the keris, all over again! This time is the blatant denial of the ancient Malay weapon being use for the purpose of ticking of at other races or stating superiority over others but the question is if that is truly the case? I dare say that most of us are quite annoyed that a person can have the audacity to wave the keris(an ancient Malay weapon) around and threaten to bathe those from the Chinese ethnicity in their blood(BY UMNO YOUTH YEARS AGO) When our dear Hishamuddin, waves the Keris once again and continues to use to keris in UMNO annual meeting its signals stupidity seeing past episodes relating to this matter. For a man who supposedly believes in racial harmony and being sensitive to other races, I feel it more so hypocrisy in disguise just for political gain rather than personal principles.

Well a smart man would do-away with the use of such a symbol due to the use of it in the past and use other cultural symbols that are available but then again who said we are dealing with smart people here? According to<“Malaysiakini”> today, UMNO Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein today ticked off those who continue to criticise the brandishing of the keris at the ruling party’s annual meeting and accused his detractors as the real racists. So now he plays the blaming game, it ‘s everyone else except me (even though he is ultimately the one who waved the keris) but then again what can we expect? Those who lodge reports again those who commit crimes or wrong-action are the ones persecuted in Malaysia not those who actually commit the crime. Is this something new? Well of course we have the few lucky strikes of justice, with the Irene Fernandes case and others but many doubt is as a technique to put the minds of the people at ease as election bells are already heard.

For those of you who are in a blur of what this whole Keris issue is all about, here is an excerpt from Newsweek International (Nov 25 2006), edited by Fareed Zakaria, a progressive Muslim on the bahaviour of Kerishamudeens during the episode of the annual UMNO meeting back in 2006;


Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein unsheathed a keris (Malay dagger) at the meeting. Party supporters perceived the gesture as invoking Malay power and pride, but critics said the minister was pandering to racist elements in UMNO’s youth wing, which Hishammuddin heads. Twenty years ago, the youth wing had displayed banners calling for the keris to be bathed in the blood of the minority Malaysian Chinese. Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi disavowed the inflammatory rhetoric in his speech to the UMNO conclave, and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak suggested that the police have a word with delegates who’d used extreme language. Still, the UMNO chest-thumping makes clear that the moderate Abdullah is struggling to cope with a surge in intolerant—and in some cases extremist—behavior by his base of Malay Muslims.

So what now you might ask? Well looks like the Keris is here to stay according to our great UMNO Youth Chief! After all according to him its all about unity not superiority! Well I guess we can guess if the Keris is here to stay well racism is too but its ……Up to you to analyze and decide…..So much for racial sensitivities eh?

  1. mob1900 says:

    So it means AMNO’s brand of racist politics and corruption is here to stay too?
    *takes the keris from Kerismudeen and shove it up Kerismudeen’s you-know-what.

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