Critics=Bloggers=Hypocrites says UMNO YOUTH CHIEF Hishamuddin

Posted: November 6, 2007 in Bangsa Malaysia, Blogging and Democracy, Malaysia, Society

According to<“Malaysiakini”>, virtual reality has created a real-time headache for Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein, who pointed out the potential harm that Internet users could cause the nation.Like duh!!! Well of course it will cause you a headache my dear friend! Because since the introduction of the Internet in Malaysia, no one can save you from your silly comments or racially slanting views. Back in the day when only media such as the radio, newspapers and TV existed, you could do damage control, censor the unnecessarily comments you’ve made and work on polishing what you said to suit the mould of being a rational, fair, level-headed leaders to the masses. But those days have gone and now you have to bear the consequences of every word uttered and actions taken for we all are watching you like a hawk! But rather than us causing harm to the nation, we are only serving as instruments to inform the public of the ridiculous masking of whom you truly are and stand for!

If according to you critics= Hypocrites well what’s they left to say? It only implies that you desire free reign over whatever you say or do just on the pretext that you are a leader in the country. But that isn’t how it works! You are serving the “rakyat” and you have to serve the “rakyat” needs rather than your own! Which part of that don’t you comprehend? That’s why when Malaysia claims to be a democracy it has to prescribe to what being a democracy is all about, it is not just about appearing to be democratic(although I think even that part of it no longer exists) but actually practicing what you preach! If it wasn’t for critics they would be no improvement, they would be no such as thing as the concept of fourth or five estate as everyone would do as they liked! Why bother no one is watching….

To UMNO YOUTH CHIEF comment on not exploiting the Internet, I’d say


So, if your worried about the Internet, perhaps you should be careful of what you say and do in the future for the “rakyat”is watching you! We will not keep quiet and lay low if our leaders persist mistreating the “rakyat” in any manner so do your part as a leader and do not stray from the path you have sworn to uphold leaders of Malaysia! The “rakyat” is the process of awakening……

  1. Mad Sailors says:

    Dearest Hisham, a.k.a Education Minister, how do you expect to educate the next generation with the keris? Are you telling the younger generation that it is okay to use the keris (violence) instead of ‘human intellect’ to resolve any conflict? We have moved on from using cangkul and kerbau to till the land, and we even have a Malaysian space cowboy to orbit the universe. Education is the road to enlightenment, not the keris. If you trully understand your official position as the Education MInister, I beg you to reconsider the basic ethical issues arising from your keris-waving action because you are sending a very strong message in the popular discourse – and there’s no way of controlling and knowing how ordinary folks would take this message. Please Mr. Education Minister, I beg you to use your brains and not the keris – a very small but heartfelt plea from a Malaysian citizen

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