MIC:Far Cry from Principles Rather Fishing Votes Expedition

Posted: November 1, 2007 in Bangsa Malaysia, Freedom of Expression, Malaysia, Society

As I read<“Malaysiakini Temple Demolition Issue”>I was not exactly very happy..yes MIC had been urging the government to stop demolition of the temples. Perhaps I should be happy for once MIC is stepping up to help the Indian community. But I’m not. I can see where this is going from the statements made by MIC in regards to the temple demolition. They are not even smart enough to mask their neglect for their own community. Blatantly ignorant or possible “tidak peduli” attitude is practiced in regard to their so call community which is supposedly what MIC is all about..taking care of the welfare of Indians. But from their statements it seems like all the care about is the Indian’s votes rather than the issue itself and the only reason it even becomes an issue for them to fight for is due to the sensitivity of time( as rumor has it that elections are very near)

It makes my blood boil as I am a part of this community and we have these political hypocrites pretending to fight for our rights when indeed all they are doing is putting up a front for pre-elections support. They couldn’t be bothered about the demolition of temples or the Indian community rather the fact that this community supports them and votes them in so that they can continue to pretend they care.

Pompously stated ….MIC President Mr.Samy said

It is common knowledge that the majority of Indian voters, if not all Indians in Malaysia, support ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, says the MIC party president “

Sure thinks a lot of his party and himself eh?Well hopefully the Indians to know get fooled by this ploy of so call saving the temples..when indeed their worry is more for their votes as demonstrated by the great Samy below;

MIC chief S Samy Vellu has urged the government to stop the demolition of Hindu temples or it will risk alienating Indian Malaysian voters.-

Not because it will hurt the sensitivities of the Indian community, not because it’s just not right, not because the temple has been there for 100 years, not because it’s the right of the devotees not because of any of this but because they are VOTERS and you could lose their vote. So pretend to care, get their votes then take the course of action you want……

I urge the community of Indians to think carefully before voting, do remember these political parties are smart to use racial cards to separate us fellow Malaysian as the British once did. They will come to our rescue during race based issues( esp when it’s nearing election) but the question we need to ask ourselves are whether they will do the same if not for their own interest, own agendas? Are you going to be fooled? Are you going to let them tell you that you have to vote them in because they are Indian and so are you? Please I urge you to think again before letting race come in between your intelligence to choose a wise and fair leadership. Think people think!

  1. yan says:

    Of course Samy won’t dare to bising like what he has done previously because the MB of Malacca has already warned PPP, MIC, MCA ect that UMNO doesn’t need them to be in power & they can leave BN anytime now!

    So, beside MIC, we shouldn’t vote others race/ethnic based parties because they are redundant, BN/UMNO don’t need them.

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