Aren’t I Malaysian enough? Why Bangsa Malaysia???

Posted: October 25, 2007 in Bangsa Malaysia, Event, Malaysia, Society


Aren’t I Malaysian enough for you?

what with all this bangsa malaysia?after born, bred & worked for the last 45yrs… i am not a malaysian?so what am i?… a singaporean ke?”

This a very sarcastic remark left at <“Rockybru”> today that I found very interesting. Not only was the person who left the comment sarcastic, he seemed frustrated that he had to affirm being a Malaysian, he had been born here, is living and working here all these years mean a thing? That’s what I felt was crying out from his heart when he posted that comment, he wasn’t in my opinion trying to discredit the event more so asking why why why?

So what’s with this Bangsa Malaysia you might ask? What’s the big deal?

Yes, you might think that we will all come together have a little gathering, everyone will makan, makan and have some speakers belt out their numbers then you will smile, laugh, perhaps even change numbers and ta ta you will be on your way home. It will be just be another event, another event with started off as something great but ended up shy of a standing ovation so to speak. So is this what its all about???

Hell No!! I for one am a skeptic especially when it comes to an events that warrant me listening to people talking for from experience most of the time it’s just another forum, another day, another event kindda feeling. I don’t care much for forums especially because I find it boring and a waste of my time. So why should you, you might think?

Well, for one when I heard of Bangsa Malaysia first gathering as most skeptic would be I was definitely very unsure of what would be the outcome of it. What it would entail? Yeah sure it had a great vision like most events but could it deliver I wondered? So I kept and open mind and boy was I intriguing by the cacophony of voices, the passion and the persistence of not just the committee but the attendees, speakers… People were geared, it was as though they were just waiting for someone to start the initiative.! The forum, the event that night did not end there…as people’s persistence, desire for change continued to lead on further …and now we are at Penang!

Why Bangsa Malaysia? Not just because it has great potential, not just because it truly delivers, not just because its different but because it truly means something not just to the organizers, not just to the speakers but to the ordinary citizen like you and me. Why? Because here you and I matter! Then again you might ask, aren’t I Malaysian enough? Why affirm it further?

Is being Malaysian merely mean putting down or ticking or citizenship on forms? Is it only when we hand over our passports to the immigration in other countries? Is it only when we travel overseas and brag about our motherland? Is that what it means to be Malaysian? Is it only when we talk to foreigners on our multi-racial society, the uniqueness of our culture?I sure hope not….

The concept of Bangsa Malaysia that sprung up not to long ago is not something that just came out of the blue, it has been an effort waiting to materialize! Thanks to the great minds of people like Haris Ibrahim and his comrades who initially came up with the ideas and his loyal baton of soldiers(SK,Zorro,Faridah, Tony and loads more) who keep the idea and the implementation alive. Why did it sprung up to begin with?

Climate of distrust…..sense of not belonging….feeling not good enough or not important enough..Perhaps you might think, thatS within the individual not us Malaysian. But do think carefully how many time have you felt slighted? How many times the words uttered or actions that are displayed show a tendency of being rather race-centered then truly Malaysian?Of course, this is courtesy of our great politicians/media who day in and day out remind us how different we are, how Malay..Chinese..Indian…Iban..Kadazan….etc we are… Using the racial cards as leverage for politician moves, society is left to feel the implications of the use of this racial card of divide and rule, constantly reinforced in the media playing us Malaysians as the puppets of the shows.

Bangsa Malaysis serves to do away with the use of racial cards! Bangsa Malaysia seeks to struggle and fight for the PEOPLE not for any particular political party, not for the benefit of any elite but for us Malaysian. For our right to be Malaysian! Thus the aspirations that make up Bangsa Malaysia is so crucial for all of us! For the RAKYAT!

The spark was lighted up in Kuala Lumpur and continues to light up…….soon in Penang …who knows what the next day will bring….Johor?Ipoh?Malacca………………So play your parts as Rakyat of this great country…..

Let’s start with smaller things…..getting the race section on every form erased…..making race irrelevant but being Malaysian crucial………getting great minds together at this gathering to gather like minded Malaysian that realize the importance of this movement, of this cause…

Are you Malaysian? Yes…you are…So let’s play our part and contribute what we can towards this great cause, there is no time like the present to make a stand….why not now?

  1. thereflector says:

    until every man, woman and child born or naturalized by law is seen in the eyes of the law as equals in everything, we will never be “Bangsa Malaysia”.

  2. cherwith says:

    I’m not saying achieving Bangsa Malaysia will be easy.It won’t happen in a day or two but we got to start somewhere, somehow. Even in the land of free-America, not everyone is truly equal. I do not believe there is such a thing as having absolute anything, even equality but we can definitely create some sort of change to make Bangsa Malaysia from vision or dream to a reality, perhaps not today or tomorrow but soon enough.

  3. thereflector says:

    We are talking about being equal in the eyes of the Law, and that is the first step to unification. In the USA and in most countries around the world, (Singapore, Australia, Brunei), if you are a citizen of that nation you are treated like every other citizen in every aspect. That is the first thing to talk about before any talk of a Bangsa Malaysia can even begin, because if you dont have any legal precedence, its all meaningless.

  4. cherwith says:

    You right…we need to be equal in the eyes of the law. But before we can even dream of reaching that we got to be able to be on the same page. Be able to understand why there is a need for a Bangsa Malaysia. That’s what Bangsa Malaysia is trying to do. It’s not an easy task seeing Malaysia political, economy, social history….to change the law….Some know what’s missing, what’s wrong…but how to rectify it to make it better….yes we know what needs to be done but how…that will definitely take time and effort from people like yourself.

  5. kidpieces says:

    Cool blog! very critical indeed.. will come again 😉

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