ALERT! Have you seen this child?

Posted: October 25, 2007 in Missing Persons, Society

Not so long ago, we had the case of poor Nurin who went missing and later was found dead. Let’s hope and pray that Recka Ahmad a 10 year old girl who left her house in Kampong Kolam near Acheen Street Penang on Sunday will be found soon. It’s already Thursday today, so let’s hope that someone spots here.God forbid anything ill happen to another child in Malaysia. We need to educate parents, kids and the public in general that the world is not what it used to be! Everyone has to be extra careful, its nothing like before. Its just not safe anymore for a child to be on their own even if they have done in their past. No matter how responsible they are. It’s just not safe anymore! Please I alert all parents to be careful, the fact that predators are out there is real! Its not a myth we tell our children so that they will not go out, its reality! Sad but true.


Please check the file below for the picture of this kid rekha-missing.pdf

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