Cry Out Foul and You Get Boiled!

Posted: October 23, 2007 in Discrimination, Freedom of Expression, human rights, Judiciary, Justice, Malaysia

No wonder its such a rare thing to see any Malaysian stepping up to reveal the truth. Even when they notice things which are not quite right, things that are against the laws, things that there know should be reported! Logically if you were to report to the authorities about a matter where injustice or grave criminal or unmoral actions have been committed, not only will they regard you as a hero and at times even reward you but NO,NO,NO. Not here in Malaysia.

Don’t you for ever, even consider that revealing the truth will bring you any kind of rewards whether its in terms of monetary, emotional or just peace within yourself. For, in the books of justice in Malaysia, you will enjoy a series of great packages that include continued harassment, intimidation, threats and if you are lucky enough a jail term to go with it…all for the cost of revealing the truth. They would rather jail the whistle blower for being unfaithful to his master and revealing the truth rather than the person who committed the crime itself! I guess this dates back in history with issues of loyalty, sovereignty that I rather not get into in further detail here, for we are after all living in the 21st century! I’d hope that we’d perhaps behave in that manner!

Although I do acknowledge that in the matter of the Lingam tape the truth could have been exposed a long time ago, as the tape was recorded many years back. I do acknowledge that the reason behind the revealing of this truth is to gain political leverage with the rumors of elections coming. But the reality of the matter for me basically isn’t about why the tapes or truth is revealed, that is a whole different ball game but is more so what this tapes contain and its implication on Malaysia. Here we have tapes that have solid prove of conversations that occurred between and about prominent people in position of influence and yet it is obvious that the government is downplaying the matter. Or should I see discounting the issue! Rather than highlight the real issue they rather play the game of cat and mouse.

Why bother focusing on the real problem? As in the case of the incident in Batu Buruk…don’t focus on the fact that civilians got shot by the police force or that it was brutally stopped…rather focus on the fact that an unidentified person was burning the flag..sway the issue to the cause that suits you the most! That is THE WAY! Or in the case of Namewee, focus on belittle him as a criminal and a wrong doer, twisting and turning it to picture Namewee as disrespectful to the nation rather than understanding how the content of his video reflects the inequality that truly exist and his acceptance of that matter through his music!

But No,No,NO! As usual they take THE WAY out! This time it is by threatening to slap PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim with a notice from the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) compelling him to hand in the original Lingam video clip or risk being thrown into the slammer.

If the original video clip reaches the hands of this people it will soon be under the status of being investigated and that will be the end of it. Another one that bites the dust! But did we hope for anything better? It’s just the way things are or is it? Well, at least the public will be left questioning why the government reacted in this manner rather than finding out if the said people in the video have truly committed an offense. Perhaps that will make people think twice before they drop their voting ballots the next time around.

Read more at <“Malaysiakini”> on the issue of the notice being issued to Anwar.

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