Zam Calls RSF a Bluff: Truth or Fiction???

Posted: October 20, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, human rights, Justice, Malaysia

A recent index announcement by RSF saw Malaysia’s ratings falling to 124th spot this year from 92nd in 2006 while Singapore took 141st spot from 146th previously. “-

We shouldn’t worry about the press freedom rankings that was emulated by the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders(RSF) for they do not illustrate the actual truth of press freedom in the country Zam told Bernama yesterday. Is this because it’s truly not illustrating the truth or not illustrating the kind of truth they envisioned?
But is that really the case?


“The freedom preached by them is only rhetoric and their real value is money and for me, the only way to fight the Western values of press freedom is by emulating Lee Kuan Yew’s way,” he said.

Lee Kuan Yew’s way…..everyone is defaming me???

Read more at <“Zam’s Cheer for LKY defamation wins”> at Malaysiakini

Malaysia way or shall I say Zam’s way? …..I will follow you…follow you wherever you(Lee Kuan Yew) may go. So now Zam’s wagging to Lee’s way? We are then told to ignore such ratings as it is not based or judge on local values as our dear Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin stated. Local values? What is this so call values? What is this about East and West?Are we the great East that does no wrong? Zam says that Western countries are driven by market and money(although I think it sufficient to say duh) So in that case what is Malaysia based on? We are not based on market then? If that’s the case what’s the big fuss about minimum wage? All the talk about having to worry about the market? Seems to be like a case of whatever suits me at this point of time doesn’t it??

Well maybe now Zam will try to come up with his own index on press freedom…and put us right at the top….makes us seem free even if that isn’t the case.

Note to Zam: Perhaps the index by RSF reflected us through violation of Press Freedom through the use of laws such as ISA,OSA, defamation act on journalist etc or then again perhaps I’m just being naive and ridiculous, RSF just doesn’t follow our values……errr…

Stupidity.ignorance….whatever you want to call it.. Calling RSF a bluff on Malaysian’s rating doesn’t make it less true.just makes people like you look really much like a…quoting from Jim Carrey .. L…aawhoo….see…h…e…er (L-O-S-E-R) A sore one at it..but then again maybe you will now say I’m being swallowed by cultural imperialism as I’m talking about a Western actor/comedian… my…

I rest my case…

* Yes..I’m back in full swing!

  1. pakshah says:

    Our misinformed minister is living in his delusion that he is the Editor General of Malaysian mass media. How pathetic.

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