Are They Watching Us?

Posted: October 8, 2007 in Blogging and Democracy, Freedom of Expression, human rights, Malaysia, Society

I have been away for some time since last week as I was in Kuala Lumpur to attend the All-Blogs Forum on Blogs and Digital Democracy and also an interview workshop at People Potential later that weekend. It was definitely a hectic week and even weekend for me as I was continuously in a hurry, lacking a lot of sleep no doubt but it was indeed a great trip down. Not only did I managed to fit in work and studies but also some fun time into my whole schedule during the trip. Sadly due to the absence of my dear WMM, I had very little access to go where I wanted and when I wanted instead I sadly had to rely on rides from friends (that I’m very grateful for~~ as cabs cost big bucks and the obvious dangers that lurk!) and on several occasions I had to resort to using cabs or walking the mile! I shall blog about the All-Blogs forum in details when time permits as I was seriously taking down notes but didn’t even take one picture and my experience with a company that I feel is worth mentioning in the backdrop of the world we live in but all I shall keep but later posts. Oh yeah and the great experience I had when our car broke down in Bangsar and the ‘almost’ big fight I was in the middle of…Yes many big big tales to tell from the crypt..ahhaha For now let’s just get back to the title of topic today, Are they watching us?

Why would I put such a title? Well, I am a little familiar with certain security functions like the use of infra-red cameras that are often used in big companies for security purposes as my dad is pretty much a techno-junkie, he loves the latest, the greatest sort of technologies and believe me he ain’t shy in using them let alone purchasing them. As crime become quite rampant even in my small town, our neighborhood was often the target for break-ins and since my house is most often just a few of us with my dad at times being away we installed this new system using an infra-red camera for security purposes. It not only captures images but sounds and is installed throughout the whole house except for a few places. So when you are at my place guys, no hanky-panky unless you want to be on candid camera literally!

Anyway yesterday night at 10.30pm I boarded the double-decker bus- Konsortium Express to return home to Penang. Had to get such a later departure time due to the stupidity of a lady who was taking care of the ticket counter in Pudu and her fight with the counter which issues the electronic ticket(which is a different story altogether- waste of time!) So I was quite thrilled as I did love the idea of double-decker buses, remains me so much of Singapore and London. So the bus conductor informed the passengers that we could choose any sit we wished so I took the one right by the stairs as in was the first seat by the window and that had loads of leg space( I like!)

Once I settled in and put my bags to the side got my sweater and jacket covering every inch of my body I noticed little red lights staring back at me. It looked very familiar, the base was white and it had little red dots in circles of the frame. Sure as hell looked like the cameras I had back at home. I wondered why the hell it was put on the bus. Earlier in the day while I was at Mid Valley killing time with Morg, Jenny, Jess, Junior Hustle and few other friends I noticed a lot of men wearing wires (like the bodyguards, FBI agents etc). I noticed because I kindda bumped into one of them and when I did I turned back not once but twice to three times when I noticed something jutting out from the back of his ear…….. Later when I saw the camera in the bus, I was getting kindda paranoid but it was possibly two completely detached situations.

What the hell was such a high piece of equipment doing in the bus? I was very uncomfortable as I felt something was watching me all the time. What the hell were they looking for…each time I turned or adjusted my jacket I couldn’t help but look at that red lights staring back at me. It made me fee very uncomfortable and wonder if they were watching us on many different occasion and it was possible that I just was not aware of it. What do you think? Do you think they are watching us? It often said that with such high technology around the possibilities in surveillance is astronomically big. You never know when you are being watched, taped etc. It’s like that move with Will Smith which I can hardly remember the title…. Whereby every aspect of your life is being monitored in the name of security but is it really?

Sure something to think about eh??? Or am I just coming down with a case of paranoia!! Time to log off lots of things to catch up on….

  1. Kavilan says:

    the movie’s Enemy of The State…
    yep… ur XP sure is creepy!!

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