Rasa Sayang= Are You Not Feeling the Love?

Posted: October 2, 2007 in Malaysia, Society

So much for a feel good or shall I say feel love campaign about Malaysia. If it turns out to be not of Malaysian origin, isk isk entahlah mana nak letak muka. Especially after the great Rasa Sayang Campaign. Are you not feeling the love? Obviously Indonesia isn’t! Malaysia-Indonesia ties have not been exactly smooth sailing of late..with the Karate kid issue and now this..what more….emmm

According to theJakartapost, the government of Indonesia has been urged by the House of Representatives member Hakam Naja of the National Mandate Party(PAN) to check the origin of the song as it is an Indonesian song,

So its much more serious than I anticipated I guess.What will happen I wonder? With so many other elements of culture to put forward to the world I wonder why Rasa Sayang was chosen..hmmm…Well first with Namewee the issue of Negaraku being of a ciplak-ted version of Mamula Moon was raised(true or not I will leave it up to you to decide but after listening to the song Mamula Moon, it sounds so identical, the tune …)

(From Malaysian blogger in Jakarta called Unspun)

For further information check out <“Malaysiakini posting on RaSA Sayang Issue”>

Well I would comment much on this and shall post on this some other time as I am very busy this week, been in Perak for a while and currently in Penang but will be off again to KL very soon. So if I don’t blog well you know why…..


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