UMNO Youth Sure Loves The Suing Game Don’t They?

Posted: September 29, 2007 in Malaysia, Society

Guess what UMNO gonna do again?

Well I guess it isn’t something shocking for us to hear that they are yet again suing. Every time they don’t like the sound of things, they sue! Hmm….. they must be experts in the game of suing.

The great Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein proudly announced that legal action will pursue IF the opposition party accuse them of masterminding the riot in Batu Buruk earlier this month. If they had nothing to do with it why don’t they stand up for themselves as the community of bloggers have for themselves in earlier cases or issue and prove their innocence or at least their non-involvement in the matter. But no no, that would not live up to the expectation of “all UMNO-Youth can be”. Perhaps the lawyers can comment on this but this is as much as I know. To sue or take any legal action you need the have the “mullah”. That’s why all those lousy companies who didn’t pay me my correct dues got away cause I didn’t have the resources to sue their “butts”! But I guess that is the least of worries for UMNO Youth for the resources are unlimited for them. How else is it possible that at the drop of a pin they threatened and do take legal action against any those they don’t feel too comfortable about????? Doesn’t that cost money?Big money?

Anyway going back to the suing issue itself, they want to sue the opposition. So does that mean everyone who is not Barisan Nasional is going to get sued?This is include those who do not prescribe to their beliefs and ideals? Why does it always have to be between us and them? Always!!!Its either you or me?? You either follow the government or you don’t? Either your pro or not pro…Why why why? Why can’t I support or agree with something and don’t agree with somethings but no no, as soon as you don’t agree you are the opposition. Oh well I guess its just me.

Well do read on at<“Malaysiakini”>for the Suing story, I got better things to get done at the moment, so let me go finish my assignment, UMNO Youth reals spoils things for me with their daily antics of crap!

Missing Persons Section 

Will update later as the stupid website doesn’t load, takes ages!!!!!!

  1. Yatz says:

    well you see..since you don’t agree with them, of course u r the opposition..but you are on your own, and it’s on neither side of those parties..

    it does makes sense you agree or disagree on something the government do though..we are neutral..

  2. malaysian says:

    IF you stand in the middle of the road you run the risk of being run down by vehicles… you should try living in singapore.. the PAP sue the opposition until they are bankrupt..

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