Myanmar Blackened Out.. Internet Cut Off

Posted: September 29, 2007 in Blogging and Democracy, Freedom of Speech, human rights, Myanmar/Burma Bloggers

According to news on Yahoo, Global Voices Online the Internet was denied accessed in part of Myanmar during the wee hours of the morning in our time. As I was busy catching up with my friend who is the Philippines, the latest new flash probably around 4 or 5 am alerted me that Internet access had been cut.

“Internet cafes were closed down. Both MPT ISP and Myanmar Teleport ISP cut down internet access in Yangon and Mandalay since this morning. The Junta try to prevent more videos, photographs and information about their violent crackdown getting out.”

Source: <“Nyein Chan”> Myanmar blogger

Well its a wonder that living in a civilized world like we have…there are still governments who persist to behave unruly and assume their countries serve as their own playground to do as they wish and if anyone tries to say anything or take information out, we black them out. Sometime back there were certain Malaysian bloggers who said that what occurs in Malaysia is up to Malaysia to decide or deliberate on and no one(especially outsiders have to right to pass judgment or comments) as we have our weakness and we will deal with it on our own. I wonder if the Myanmar governments feel that way too? If that is the case, each country will treat their countries as their own playground do as they like as most often than not their people are not willing or can’t stand up to them and if they can like how the monks have done over there, they get shot or imprisoned …..The way things are going….I just donno… Perhaps their reason to cut off the Internet? Who knows with governments…they have their own way of thinking..

Read here at<“Global Voices Online”>

At present vigils and prayers are being held all round the world as a sign of solidarity for the people of Myanmar that have fought so hard for justice. May god be with them in their struggle.

  1. Rauff says:

    The Junta should be shot.

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