Is that what you look for in a teacher, Malaysia?

Posted: September 27, 2007 in Discrimination, Freedom of Expression, human rights, Justice, Malaysia

Another update!Anyway my friend Scott wanted me to post this story ..instead let me just link him. It is about an expose interview. “The things these people say is just outrageous and just laughable. He truly denotes why we Malaysian should be really weary when we decided to vote for who in the coming elections. We do not want our people to have to deal with more nut cases like this so do have a look at this link. Before this, let’s look at what he has to said;

Are you a Malaysian blogger, or a blogger who takes interest in Malaysian matters? Do you disapprove of self-important Datuks using their rank, influence, power and wealth to bully and insult others into meekly bowing to their inane perception of reality?”

Read here for more;


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