Heavy Downpour Did Not Deter Walk of Justice

Posted: September 26, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Speech, Justice, Malaysia, Society

Seven bus-loads of lawyers together with other members of the public marched from the Palace of Justice to the PM’s Office to submit a memorandum. Their walk was deterred by many factors as reported by<“Malaysiakini”>.Earlier in the day they had been denied access to the march earlier by Putrajaya police chief.Supt Abdul Razak Abdul Majid(the excuse was security) but Ambiga, Bar Council Chairman together with all the supporters of Justice had to make a decision. So they did, thus despite obvious barriers they decided to walk the walk!

She said;

“We walk peacefully and with dignity” […]”When lawyers walk, that means there is something wrong. We want changes in the judiciary,”

When professional together with the public make the decision to try to create change….what’s more to be said? This people are dead serious! They have taken a stand! I salute them for that! They are not fooling around, they are not marching just for the sake of it, they have got a point, a stand! Remember theTHE GREAT SALT MARCH” in India 12th March to 6th April in1930? Although the reason is very different but the spirit is of the same, we want justice just as much as those who walked the Salt March in 1930. Time has changed, events have changed but cause of justice has always remained something fought for in every country at one time or another. Its symbolic!

“I want world sympathy in this battle of Right against Might.”-Gandhi
Anyway the march which started off with 5oo has increased to 1500 people that took aproximately 30 minutes to reach the PM’s Office from POJ. Subsequently, Ambiga submitted the memorandum while the rest of the 1499 people stood outside in solidarity of support for the cause. To make matters even more challenging, a heavy downpour fell upon them.But they braved the heavy downpour. As <“SK”>said,”That’s how determined they’re in asking for the Government to establish a Royal Commission!

Do read<“Malaysiakini”> for a chronology of events that happened from the beginning of the march till the submission and after!

Missing Persons Section

It’s annoying to use the Police Di-Raja Website for updates on information about missing persons,it doesn’t load properly…errrr it’s a struggle to get any information, it refuses to upload. So well I can’t update on this section.It’s a shame because this post is getting a lot of view today.Err!

Ok finally got the dam website to work~


Noradellah,17 year old has been missing since 1st September 2007


Norazieyana, 15 year old has been missing since 31st August 2007


Madeleine, 17 year old has been missing since 30th August 2007


Wan Nor Solehah, 18 year old has been missing since 26 August 2007



Alia, 19 year old has been missing since 28 August 2007

If you see any of these girls please…call

Bahagian Hal Ehwal Awam, Ibu Pejabat Polis Bukit Aman. Tel : 03-22626404.

  1. LC_Teh says:

    Bravo…. as I said elsewhere, no more lawyer jokes from me after this…

  2. Kavilan says:

    in this case, i really do hope that the lawyers become sharks and wolves which are so openly potrayed in jokes. They should tear up and rip open all the wrongs that had been going on. These “sharks” and “wolves” shall receive my support in killing injustice.

  3. jtayooi says:

    I salute the Malaysian Lawyer to take to the street and risk everything for the sole
    purpose of upholding pure justice.

  4. richard poon says:

    Well done guys! I am really proud of all of you! Perhaps this is the first step in our country’s LONG MARCH to an independent judiciary!

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