Black & White March to Save Judiciary at Putrajaya

Posted: September 23, 2007 in Event, Freedom of Expression, Malaysia, Missing Persons, Society

An excerpt from <“Rockybru”>;

“Save the Judiciary march”

“If you are a Malaysian and you care about this country’s future, please join me …this Wednesday, 29th Sept, at 11 am in Putrajaya.A peaceful march will take place from the Palace of Justice to the PM Department to hand over a memorandum to stop the rot in our judiciary. Buses have been charted, scheduled to leave the Bar Council’s secretariat at 9am. Do dress up in black and white preferably with a jacket as advised by Rocky.”

Haris Ibarahim of the<“The People Parliment”> says;

“This is the first thing you can do.Join the march.You would be walking the talk that you so often do“.

The People’s Parliament will be launching a petition to His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agong to urge His Royal Highness to take all steps to clean up the judiciary and to return this constitutional institution back to the rakyat.It is hoped that this petition will be submitted to His Majesty together with the petition presently being managed by RPK.

“From now until 10 p.m. tomorrow, you may send your suggestions as to the matters relating to the judiciary that you wish to have brought to the attention of His Majesty to”

Sorry I do not have much time today rushing for a dateline so shall just post this for the moment…

Missing Persons!

Liza Elizabeth, 52 year old woman has been missing since 21 April 2007

Mis Safena, 21 years old has been missing since 31 March 2007

Nor Farah Ain, 19 year old has been missing since 1 April 2007

Wan Hizami, 17 years old has been missing since 11 April 2007

Jayalitha, 18 year old has been missing since 16th April 2007

If anyone has seen Liza@Elizabeth, Jayalitha, Wan Hizami, Nor Farah Ain, Mis Safena please contact the nearest police station or directly contact Bukit Aman at;

Ibu Pejabat Polis Bukit Aman. Tel : 03-22626404.







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