Shifting Blame:Nurin’s Parents Easier Target then the Perpetrator

Posted: September 22, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, human rights, Malaysia, Society

The news of Nurin missing became headlines in the mainstream newspapers, the picture of beautiful, young and innocence child was splattered in the newspapers, urging people to come forward to reveal any information they knew about this child. Nurin’s uncle even started a blog, alerting many bloggers of her disappearance thus even blogs started writing and putting Nurin’s picture up in the hope of finding her faster. Barely a few days a later, a child was found dead and it was suspected to be Nurin but her parents identified that the girl found was not Nurin after all. The whole country was shaken with the brutal murder of this child and many worried if it was the work of a serial killer while some related it to the incident of molestation in Kampung Baru. Once DNA test were confirmed, it proved that Nurin was after all the girl that was found dead. She had not only been physically but sexually abused.(but I shall not elaborate on this further as I believe graphic description is indeed not unnecessary) Although the press reported that her father did not want to accept that the child was his daughter in the beginning, finally both parents took Nurin home and performed the necessary rites(read the uncle says that they were not informed until much later. Due to the confusion another DNA test was done to confirm such results. Now according to Malaysiakini, CID Director had taken the case under his wing to find out who was the mastermind of the murder of this poor innocent child- please read<“Malaysiakini for the full report”>


It was really funny that the authorities allowed the DNA test to leak to the press before her parents were informed, I find that highly unprofessional. How can you give the excuse that the press were to fast? Who gave the press such information? With inventions such as the telephone and mobile phone, you mean to tell me that you could not inform the parents faster than the press? Such information should be confidential until results are confirmed and those closes are notified. How would you like to find out in the newspapers that the child found who was murdered was your daughter? Stupidity continues to prevail with the authorities who do not think before they act!


Perhaps not informing the parents and family of Nurin Jazlin was deliberate, perhaps it wasn’t an innocent mistake, perhaps it wasn’t because the press was too fast-come on! we know how the press works, until the authorities allow they can’t print any dam thing! Nurin’s uncle in <“Nurin’s Uncle said”> was quite annoyed and irritated with the statements concerning the DNA results made by the police, he said;

The statements made by the Police had invited various other notions and speculations that the parents were trying to hide some things which was most unfair.”

If this first blunder was not bad enough, then we have as usual the smarty pants of our society, our great IGP voicing out his opinion on this brutal murder- I really wonder how people like this get this sort of positions, I mean Tun Hanif Omar I understand-he was a brilliant man but this guy??????

Musa Hassan said there are provisions under the law to prosecute parents who neglect the safety of their children but they were never used. “I think it is high time that we apply the laws.

Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Musa Hassan berkata polis kini sedang menyiapkan laporan kes berkenaan dan jika mendapati terdapat elemen cuai sehingga menjurus kepada penculikan Nurin Jazlin, ibu bapa mangsa boleh diambil tindakan undang-undang bawah Akta Perlindungan Kanak-kanak.”

I wonder why Musa Hassan thinks its high time. Imagine if now after all this big hu-ha about Nurin going missing, then later with the confusion and ignorance of such confidential information being aired in the press before giving the information to her parents and then CID wanting to take lead in the investigation….they say that there have a suspect for Nurin’s murder. I could be wrong and I’m merely speculation but let’s look at the context of things. This whole issue has been hugely discussed in the mainstream papers whereby everyone has been following the issue from the beginning when Nurin went missing and later once the child was found, DNA test etc till now. At the same time when the child was found, there was a big scandal waiting to erupt with the case of V.K Lingam with the video that shows a lot of hanky panky going around but the newspapers hardly gave it much coverage despite it being a high profile issue. To date, despite saying that they have a suspect, nothing has been revealed- in my opinion they have got squat and if they do not have a suspect and don’t find the killer soon the public is not going to just stick around and be patient. With such an outrage over the issue….if they do not have anyone reprimanded, the state will be in big trouble for not being able to protect her people. Then we hear comments such as this from the IGP which makes us wonder if the case is turning in the direction of the parents?But it does not end with the IGP comments. We have to keep in mind that after all the IGP is the coercive force of the state, they are the authority, they are supposed to catch the bad guys and put everyone in place.


To affirm further my speculation of the case taking a 180 turn, let’s look at blunder number 2, this time coming from a politician. How timely some might say, seeing that elections are nearing.. What is needed from a politician at this time is to maintain the peace and make every parent and child feel safe once do they do this? People need to feel assured that this issue is not plaguing the country, it is just a one-off thing. So how better to prove that, then agreeing with the comment of the IGP. She says;

She says It Won’t Happen Again!

The Women, Family and Community Development Minister,Shahrizat was quoted in NST saying that negligence that leads to children being harmed will lead to parents being jailed. Previously they were reluctant as it is a sensitive issue and a family matter?

Once again I will say how timely! Yes, yes a murder has occurred and an innocent child has died, so what better way to gain peace than to blame her parents?After all wouldn’t that be much easier? It’s easier to assure the public that it was an isolated case, a bad parent issue rather than a full blown social problem where there is no guarantee that their child will be safe. So the idea is to shift blame from the perpetrator to the parents. How typical I say! Just give the public a little to imagine in terms of how the parents neglected Nurin and from there let the public imagine the other details and there you got a great formula to shift blame!

As many over the blogosphere have echoed ….

I don’t know about you but I think trying to make a case against Nurin Jazlin’s parents is really going too too too far. Taking this blame game, if ever there is one, way too far.”-Nuraina’s post title is “Passing the Buck” how fitting in this case don’t ya think?
Nuraina Blog <“Nuraina Blog”>

“Bollocks-For some like <“rockybru”> it was just a whole load of crap for such accusation to fly.

“Please read the sickening statement below.(he was referring to the Star Online report).If this is true that we should also charge the Prime Minister, Home Minister, Transport Minister Defense Minister for all the careless acts of government that have results in deaths. “- for mindacergas

<“minda cergas”>/he was just appalled and sarcastically commented that if that was the case other couldn’t be charged, we don’t even need to look far-look at the National Service Deaths

If you want to read more ridiculous accusation and possible case building do read our mainstream media especially NST and The Star it should give you a rough idea of how Malaysia handles a social or shall I say criminal issue like this!

*Something I truly feel for the parents of Nurin….It’s the most heartbreaking thing to do…having to bury your own child…knowing that you outlived your child……knowing that there is nothing you can do to help your child……My sympathy is with Nurin’s family, my family too understands how it feels to lose a child as we did too….so we pray that you will be able have the strength to take care of your living children and remember the good times, the beauty and wonder of an innocent child like Nurin….for she is in a better place, she is with God… Pain might never cease on losing a child but time will teach you to handle it better…..she is looking down on you from above…

On the missing persons post I can’t seem to get access to the Laman Web Rasmi Polis, it refuses to load. So I shall post later once I get access or tomorrow.Sorry!

  1. jcjsjc says:

    not trying to blame the parents of poor Nurin, but what was an eight year old kid doing at a pasar malam ALONE?

    i find parents nowadays are too lenient. during my time u do not see kids unattended at anywhere, wherelse now i see clusters of KIDS (not teenagers), girls or boys at MCD’s or mamaks, wearing school uniforms or otherwise, on an outing alone

    parents, please be careful! there are perverts EVERYWHERE

  2. sue says:

    I think in this situation one should not blame the parent, They are in unbearable grief now. I am a mother too, I now how it feels and I cant imagine.God help them go through this.I cant imagine our kids are not free anymore. Everywhere they go they have to be accompanied.Whoever did this to the 8 year old sure is unsound or mentally ill.I think our govt should do something with the “mentallly ill” on our streets, send them to a centre. Free the streets from people like this.

    If you are not a parent yet.. just dont simply put the blame on parent. It was not easy being a parent

  3. […] Shifting Blame:Nurin’s Parents Easier Target then the Perpetrator […]

  4. the person who concern says:

    Let just don’t put blame on others and try to find that FREAK criminal as soon as possible. This kinda FREAK mentally-ill sickness cannot be around anymore as they become a dangerous threat to all community and generally all people in Malaysia especially kids.

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