Alarming Rate of Issues in Malaysia

Posted: September 20, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, Malaysia, Missing Persons, Society

I read from Rockybru some days back about the missing child, Nurin Jazlin who has been missing from August. It sends shivers down my spine. In Malaysia of all places children can just go missing…..children are being raped, murdered, taken away, kidnapped? It’s like watching an episode of CSI or Law and Order except the fact that those are fiction while sadly this is real life. My dad doesn’t work in the country and often visits places which are war torn, highly unsafe.He often reminds us how lucky we are to be in Malaysia. When he worked for his last employer, the company would take them from their house to the workplace in jeeps that were identical to the ones our banks ferry their money due to how unsafe it was(at any time the jeep could be stopped and they could be mugged,killed etc) He emphasized on how lucky we are to walk the streets in Malaysia without worrying about being mugged, kidnapped, raped etc(this was probably in my early teens) He used to tell me about America and that it is not as rosy as it is pictured, you can’t just walk around as you freely do here in Malaysia, you have to be very careful not to become one of the statistics.

But that was years ago…Now although the situation is not alike throughout the whole country. You can just walk on the streets assuming it is safe anymore, that would be ignorant. I become one of the statistics for a snatch thief case in Ampang Point while I interned at ExxonMobil for a few months. The suprising thing was that I was not alone, instead my cousins and 3 of his guy friends were with us,we were a group of 5 people walking to our car when my handbag got snatched(that was the last of me ever carrying a handbag!) there do not even bother whether you are alone or not. They don’t care anymore.Crime has become so bad in Malaysia that petty thief turn murderers. If they snatch your bag and accidentally kill you in the process they don’t care. That was the last few years and now increasing we hear of missing persons. Especially regarding children. This is a sign that times have taken the toll for the worse.What has happened to Malaysia? Is it that we are to busy worrying about economical gain that we forget about the social impact on our country and our people?

Is it true that to achieve economical development you have to suffer social complications….rise of suicide, missing persons,crime etc. Is that the kind of developed Malaysia we are seeking?Malaysians especially of top notch ministers often like to blame the Westerners for their social ills, their bad influence etc but it seems more so that we are becoming more like them in every way?Despite our so call eastern values……that makes us far better than any westerner (so we claim)!

Many of us hate when a westerner or any outsider DARES to question us about what is happening in our country, its our problem we say you don’t sibuk!(See the reactions of the Syed Albar Interview with BBC Hardtalk) But that is the problem with us Malaysians, we are not willing to solve our problems, we are not willing to even acknowledge there is a problem and more so we are never willing to accept right or wrong as long as it comes out from the mouth of an outsider. Then again who is the outsider really? Isn’t just westerners?I dare say that it is our own people sometimes. When issues or race is aired out, politicians often say it is not your say you are immigrant, you are not off this soil. So at this point of time all non-Malays are considered outsiders but when we are facing Westerners we are united and we are warding them off??? This weird standards put my us Malaysians truly baffles me! Not only is it stupid and ridiculous but seriously makes us turn into a huge joke! Let’s look in a smaller view of things, let’s take the recent incident in UPM. If you followed the case and watched the video of that students took of what happened you’d notice the same scenario. A student who felt he was wrongfully bullied and his human right violated has a group of friends supporting and backing him..there come the director of the unit telling his friends “Kenapa you nak sibuk?”(Why are you minding his business, it is not of your concern..) It clearly indicates that we choose when and how as we Malaysian like ..when a person should butt in and when they shouldn’t as long as it fits our whims and fancies. For those of you who fit this bill, please grow up, will ya? As I’ve said before he doesn’t matter whether it involves you,me, the rest of the world..the basis is that whether it is right or wrong by law and by GOD. I believ it is simply said that if you cannot take care of your own household, people are bound to step in and become a “busybody”. That’s why people like social welfare workers, police etc are around.

With crime going over the edge, missing persons rising, riots happening day in and day out….what is Malaysia really? Missing persons truly signify a decay in the country, when children are either running away from home, being kidnapped, raped ….we seriously have to take action. I believe that I do get a significant amount of readers each day and I’d like to do my part in getting back the order(although I realize it is a never-ending task)… so I’d like to air a missing person in each post that I make regardless of the topic.It would be better if the Police Diraja Website made the entries more personal and indicated where and when they were last located. Anyway…at the end of each post there will be a picture of a few missing persons that perhaps one of us will identify in our daily lives thus help return them to their loved ones. I realize this a very small thing but hopefully it bears some results for the sake of the missing persons. I start it off with this post….


Nurin an 8th year old girl, born on 11 September 1999 has been reported to be missing since 20th of August 2007.UPDATED:It’s been confirmed:Nurin is sadly the victim of a gruesome crime. My heartfelt condolences to her family…It’s sad to know there are human being out there capable of such an act towards an innocent young child. I pray that the culprits will be thrown in the slammer and that god will punish them for their crime against Nurin and god knows how many others that we don’t know of, the sooner the better.Who knows who else is in danger of this awful person?

Below is a blog that has been dedicated towards finding her;

CALL 019 – 366 7067 (JAZIMIN) OR 013 – 248 6651 (YAN) FOR ANY INFORMATION


Nirmal A/L Kunaseagaran a 20 year old, born on 20th March 1987 has been reported missing since the 22th August 2007.


Lim Chee Sing is 22 years old, born on the 11th April 1985 and has been missing since 17th of August 2007

If you have seen either Nurin,Chee Sing or Nirmal anywhere please call the number below or the police station nearest to you!

Ibu Pejabat Polis Bukit Aman. Tel : 03-22626404.

Source:Laman Web Rasmi Polis Di-Raja Malaysia




  1. amos says:

    That’s why we spend about RM90million to send a tourist into space, so that we can distract ourselves from the crap that’s happening in the country. And maybe spend RM400 million to build a new palace too.

  2. azure says:

    All our prayers with young Nurin. Hope the authority will catch the culprit. I wouldn;t equate the culprit with animal because even animals will not do that to their youngs!!!

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