NGO Outcry About Attempted Assault Over Penang by PGCC

Posted: September 18, 2007 in Environment, Freedom of Expression, human rights, Society


Last Saturday,Penang NGOs came together to voice out their stand against PGCC at a packed press conference held at the CAP office. According to Anil, the site of the project originally was zoned as “Open Space”but soon moved to being “Mixed Development despite public outcry that was obvious from the submission of the Structure Plan Exercise this year. With such an outcry not only from NGOs but the people alike it is a wonder that such a project can carry out especially noting the detrimental causes that could erupt as a consequence of this project being implemented. For those of you not familiar with the PGCC project please refer to<”Anil Netto”>as he has been following this issue from the beginning and has comprehensive information regarding the project.

As I have stated in my earlier post on PGCC, it has been billed as one of the biggest and most happening thing to happen in the name of development for Penang Island. PGCC has got quite a lot of press coverage over the last few weeks but failed to make such a huge impact in the media during its launch as it coincided with the Indonesian earthquake. The press coverage given so far has been as many say quite biased and reports nothing but the icing on the cake but fails to report on the contents, how typical…

According to the joint press statement by NGOs, PGCC was launched before obtaining major planning approvals. The project developer has to be quite chummy with the top notch people to be able to launch a project without approval when in Malaysia simple peaceful gathering that have no permits are dealt with very harshly..its a true wonder how they allow major projects to carry on without planning approvals. I guess it doesn’t matter whether they have got the approvals since our PM has gave them a green light for fast track status.

But shouldn’t they realize how it will impact Penang?Or are they just ignorant?

The main thing that concerned the NGOS and people of Penang is the status of the land, traffic,social and environmental in regards to social housing and public consultations (impacts that are bound to be the end result of the development)

The issues below have been outlined by the NGOS

Land Rezoning

From Open Space to Mixed Development

Why the change of status?How did it change despite the outcry of the public? Despite submissions from the public?

Does the few matter more than the majority of people in Penang? Community Vs Developers? I guess we know who the government favors.

Traffic Congestion

Congestion is already sky high. This project will possible generate high traffic movements into Jln Scotland and Jln Utama via Jln Brook.

Why wasn’t there a traffic study done? How can such plans to made without looking into the issue of congestion that already plagues Penangnites each day at this roads?

Public Consultation

Why was public consultation minimum?Doesn’t this effect the people of Penang? If it is such a major project how come public consultation was not made necessary and vital before plans were made concrete? Don’t the people matter?So much for a democratic country..

Social Housing

Why is there no low cost units at the site of the project?Are low cost units not good enough to be constructed amongst this other high flung units?Don’t we have enough luxurious units already?If everything is a luxury unit then where do people like you and me live ? On trees? We have luxury units mushrooming all over Penang that end of being bought by foreigners mostly with the exception of the local Penang elite. What about the rest of the community?

NGO seeks:

  • greater public consultation
  • an independent traffic study
  • a detailed EIA, and most important of all
  • the full complement of low cost houses are included

Group of Concerned NGOs:

  • Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP)
  • Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM)
  • Penang Heritage Trust (PHT)
  • Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)
  • Citizens For Public Transport (CEPAT)
  • Aliran Kesedaran Negara (ALIRAN)

Source: PGCC Campaign,Heritage Trust + Anil Netto+Joint Press Released of Concerned NGOs On PGCC

  1. nyonyapearl says:

    Good to note young ladies involved, held her stand. You should be there to support us physically so it wont be constructed as only those in their golden years are free enough to participate. I am sure we spoke for all who love or passionate about Penang.

    Keep up the good work!

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