MPS Dog Hunt Meeting Brutal Revelations

Posted: September 17, 2007 in Animal Rights, Freedom of Expression, human rights, Society

As promised, if you haven’t already heard. Today I shall reveal to you from the view of an insider of what went down during the MPS meeting that in the end resulted in the scrapping of the Dog Hunt competition. The outcome of the meeting no doubt brought a successful closure to the issue of the dog hunt but what went down during the meeting is not called for and should have never happened especially seeing that in was conducted in a government office not some street down the road. I think it is highly important for people in Malaysia to be aware of how a peaceful negotiation can turn foul due to the behavior of some irresponsible and arrogant people not willing to negotiate and discuss the issue peacefully. In light of this event, it truly makes me wonder if the happenings of Batu Buruk was similar. The insider in this story is from<“Natasha Frenz of Mad About Labradors”> the source of my information for what happened at the MPS during their meet. I shan’t elaborate the experience as Natasha herself has done that perfectly instead I will just analyze the main issues that occurred and how it effects us as Malaysians, do visit her blog for an elaborate version of what happen and some interesting pictures that depict the surroundings and situation at that point of time-it even identifies the booklet hitter.

What was the meeting about?

A dialogue on the issue of the controversial dog hunt competition

Who initiated the meeting?

Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS)- the Selayang Council

It was nice to know that MPS took the iniative to have the meeting have the public uproar about the issue

Who was invited to attend the meeting?


Who was there?

Animal lovers, CALM(Coalition of Animal Lovers Malaysia)

Where was the meeting scheduled to be held?

Old building of MPS, 2nd Floor

Why the issue or hu-ha?

The meeting was scheduled to take place at the old building which was not disable friendly (organizer of meeting did not take into account the fact that some of their visitors were disable) No lifts//ramps when on the other side there had the new building which was disable friendly. After council members were alerted on the issue, they still persist to carry on the meeting in the same venue despite offering to carry Anthony Thanasayan (President of PETPOSITVE)-key person of meeting had to be left behind due to venue.

All I can conclude here is that either they made an innocent mistake or they are extremely ignorant and disrespect the patrons to their premises. Upon being alerted they continued to persist to have the meeting there that shows how inconsiderate and unprofessional this people are, sad but true. What happen to the Malaysian people that are often pictured as friendly, courteous and helpful or it that just an advertising ploy we hear on TV and radio each day?

Safety Issues

Anthony’s wheelchair was fully collapsible thus carrying up the flights of stair poses to be a dangerous action.

Why was it so difficult to change the venue? Didn’t they pose the facilities on the same premises?Were they just being difficult for the sake of it? What were they trying to prove?

Reactions to Request to Change Venue

Upon requesting again to the Chair, Dtk Tang See Hang- Council members persisted to shout down at the request. One of the MPS commitee, also head villager of a village in the district was reported to have shouted and been given free reign throughout the meeting when the request was being made.

Is this how meetings are being held? Are we learning from how the Parliament handles their meetings? Shouldn’t there be order in a meeting?Professionalism?Common courtesy despite differences of opinions?

Upon venue being changed

Snide remarks were made by MPS officials against Mr Anthony’s condition.

How can MPS officials make such remarks?They are not children who do not know any better? If they are people who are leading our district, town and possibly higher division later on shouldn’t the pose morality and compassion for people who are less fortunate? Shouldn’t they be sensitive towards the plight of others?How can a person serving the council be so ignorant, rude and nasty? Is that what we look for in those who govern us? Its obvious that the problems in terms of governance starts in districts, towns, villages etc. If people like this later climb up the ladder of politics if they haven’t already,what will happen to us Malaysians?

Shouting Sessions

This shouting sessions continued to persist throughout the meeting each time, the NGOs proposed any alternative solution regarding the issue.

This is very childish and unprofessional.What more is there to say….why call a meeting if you persist to behave in an unruly manner?

Issues Brought Up Ala Politicians Style

Usage of English in Formal Meetings

The usage of English in the meeting was prompted by the Chairman himself but was shouted down by members of MPS arguing Bahasa be used as it is the official language for formal meetings. Members of MPS hurled insulting comments and stated the rudeness of those present for not following protocol of meetings.

If the chairman of the meeting starts off in English thus the other will follow suit, that is only natural. If they wanted to have it in Malay thus their chairman should have been alerted as he functions to lead the meeting. Furthermore as always the issue at hand was not dealt with instead they focused on other trivial matters that at that point was not the main discussion or point. They were trying very hard to change the focus. I believe it isn’t a problem for us Malaysians.most of us speak 2 languages or more, Bahasa..English bring it on I say!

Despicable Behavior

Throughout meeting there was no order as shouting down become a continuous act. Hostility was practiced by most MPS officials towards the attendees of the meeting.

Signs of a developed country? I beg to differ!

Decision to leave meeting

As some of the attendees felt the meeting was going nowhere as hostile conditions persist all NGOs except SPCA left the meeting.

Some question their decision to leave the meeting. But seeing the situation I thought it was a good idea as what is the point of being apart of something that is going nowhere? Why be in an environment where you are treated as such and continue to be treated like that throughout? I would leave too. I do not blame them for leaving the meeting.It was probably the safer option!

Reactions to Action of Leaving

Shouting continued to be hauled towards those leaving the meeting. The Head Villager lunged at Suren from ROAR

who was trying to wheel Anthony out causing possibly danger to Anthony. Soon the Head Villager was restrained by one of the officials there but he did not stop and tried to pick a fight with Dr.Jon of MARPO and persisted to pursue Suren who was trying to get into the lift with Anthony.

I think they had every right to leave as the situation was not ideal for rational debate to continue. Lunging at other people is truly not called for and is irrational behavior. How can you lung at your guests?The people you yourself have invited for a rational discussion…Furthermore to assault a disable person? ?That is just despicable! Who do you think you are??What happen to the notion of being civil?To treat another human being as how you will treat yourself? Disappointing and this paints a very bleak picture in governance in Malaysia, a sad day for Malaysia!

Results of Meeting

After 2 hours, the decision was made and the competition was scrapped. Media members approached Suren.

Thankfully some good came out of the hell that broke loose! Some say it was a way to cover up how they had treated the other patrons of their premised. Some say that perhaps it was just another way of showing that in the end the government will prevail and take heed of their publics outcry that shows that the government truly cares!- perhaps another election tactic. With the recent pig farm issue in Malacca and now the dog issue that mostly revolves around non-Malay citizens of the country one wonders if there are somehow connected?Whatever the reason, I’m just grateful that the dogs are left out of this game and their well-being is taken care of.

Security Personnel

Large number of security personnel were present. Patrons of the meeting and supporters were told to leave premises as they were speaking to the press. Security does not react when the Head Villager re-appears and approaches Suren as he finished with the media.

I wonder why there was so many security personnel to begin with since it was a meeting after all. The fact that they were all around signaled the possible tactic of intimidation and fear. But since they were there, I guess it would have been useful as chaos happen both in the meeting and outside but somehow it is a wonder that the security personnel do not react to harmful actions like of the Head Villager. Perhaps….they are programmed only to react when it involved people who are foreign to the MPS…hmm computer generated? Or are they plain dumb?

Booklet Hitting Incident

The Head Villager who cause a lot of ruckus earlier, approaches Lim Ann Nee, one of those present to support the cause and hits her with his booklet.(which Ann Nee has caught on tape). No reactions from security personnel besides alerting patrons to leave premises.

Come on! Booklet hitting?Approaching a women and hitting her with a booklet,how uncalled for. You are dam lucky Mr.Village Headmen that was not me I would have beat the shit out of you if you dare lay one finger on me….Beat the shit out of you! Ann Nee reacted quite calmly and told him not to lay her finger on her. As usual the security personnel were either blind or deaf as they could not hear or see the ruckus or the other option is that their program did not tell them to protect patrons not associated to the MPS….perhaps it was a computer malfunction? Hhahaah

Making A Police Report
Suren and Anthony lodged a report at Sentul Police Report against MPS Council.

Well done in making the report. But I fear that it will be just tossed down the bin or put into the other millions of reports lodged each day, joined the bundles and bundles of files and paperwork that never sees the light of day.It is hard to be positive as all the police reports made previously by numerous it bloggers or not have been of not avail .Perhaps this will be an exception?

It is truly sad that such things can happen in a government office. A peaceful meeting turned sour. Why?How can such a thing happen in a country like Malaysia I often say…but the reality is that it is happening and continues to happen. All I know is that we need to make a change…..Each of us in what little way that we can….Each has a responsibility to make a change for our future, for our children, for our country…If we do not start making a chance, no one will and it will remain static or worse still situations will continue to persist. We do not want such an occurrence in our peaceful homeland do we?As I have said before, I fear that more is to come. The question is whether we will be prepared?

  1. Well written !!!

    Thanks for putting this up…

  2. Kavi says:

    moronic, dim-witted, so-called professional members of MPS… what a great example have the set for our younger generation….
    ***sarcastic applause ala Wayne Rooney***

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