The 13th…Whose the Victim here?

Posted: September 15, 2007 in Personal ramblings, Society

Yesterday was a horrible day for me, is it just a coincidence that it was the 13th of September? I’m hardly superstitious but when things occur in such a magnitude I wonder whether it was merely or coincidence or bad luck or ???? I rather not say…At class yesterday I was suppose to give a presentation but due to a faulty pen drive I could not…earlier that day a lab boy at university pissed me of by implying that it was ok for him and the organization to lack efficiency because I’m lucky to get a place in university(as though I did not earn my place! Dam it!) and to end my beautiful days of errors my dear course mate smashed into my car. What I can’t understand is how could you have not seen a blue metallic car which was parked there as big as ever! To make matters worse there was someone standing beside that car and you even slowed down when you saw the person standing there and then when he moved you gained speed and thrashed the car. You did not stop until he had to shout for you to…..

How do this sort of people get their licenses is beyond me….I would not feel so frustrated if not for the events that occurred much later today. As my car was already thrashed and there was nothing I could do I saw no point at screaming or shouting at her instead very diplomatically I told her that we would settle it later. She of course was saying sorry a million times and told me not to worry as she would pay for the damages. She called me soon after the incident to apologize which I thought was a good gesture. The following day I went to a few car shops to get quotation so that I could fix my car up as I would be going to my hometown and the last thing I want my dad to see is my car thrashed. Some might wonder why I use such a strong word afterall she reversed into a stationery car, how bad can it be? Well its a proton..need I say more? Due to the hit on the fender which is attached to the bumper…that part is severely dented and the bumper’s alignment is off, the paint has also come off…

After going to the first shop, I called her to give her the amount which she thought was expensive and she said she would call her mechanic to find out the price. In the meanwhile I visited other shops. As I do not want my car to experience a bad job so I was careful to choose the shops. The shops I visited were very highly recommended or were places I was familiar with. Finally I went to a shop in Jelutong, recommended by 2 of my course mates. The price was far more affordable and knowing their reputation made me feel very comfortable thus I decided that I would give my car to re-align(ketuk) and spray there. I also on my own part wanted to do my door which was dented earlier. In the meanwhile she had called me and told me that she would ask her friend’s shop how much it cost and she knew another place. Later on, she called me and told me she wanted to do it at Air Itam cause it is very cheap. By then I had already decided to do it at Jelutong as I could leave it at the shop, take it back and send it within the course of a few days as I needed my car.Furthermore it was more convenient as the location wasn’t very far from home and I could get my friend to send and pick me from the workshop or worse come to worse I could take the bus.

It was bad enough that due to her carelessness I had to inconvenience myself, having to leave my car at a workshop off and on for the course of 4 days. The fact that it rains every single day doesn’t help either in terms of spraying. Now I have to rely on others to send and pick me to send my car and collect it. I hate to rely on people so that irritates me but what is worse is what I had to hear. She calls me insisting that I do the car in Air Itam, I inform her that I have decided to due it in Jelutong and that it is most convenient for me, price is affordable, trust able person etc She persist and continues to ask me to do in it that place and I told her that I’ve already made of my mind and am not comfortable doing it there as I do not know what sort of place it is and if I trust the people enough to leave my car furthermore the place is not accessible for me.Even told her that I will give her the number of the mechanic and she can ask him in case she think I’m pulling a fast one and cheating her or something.

Next thing I know her sister takes over the call and starts badgering me asking me what’s my problem, don’t I want to settle this, who do I think I am…blah blah and I of course asked her who she is and politely told her that it was between me and her sister, thus we would settle it without the interference of others which she then replied with the word pu****h, a swear word in Malay language, which means something very dirty and hung up. I was rather upset. Who was the victim here? You hit my car, you swear at me??Shouldn’t I be the angry one? Shouldn’t I be the one shouting and demanding? Shouldn’t I be the one irritated?Perhaps that is my problem…I allowed this person to trampled all over me as though I was in the wrong…all in the name of not complicating issues as she is my classmates but is no doubt complicated. So what am I going to do? I’m going to go ahead and do my car at Jelutong tomorrow, I will then give her the bill for the part she damaged and if she is not happy so be it.. if she doesn’t want to pay me for the damages..what can I say? People do it all the time…the worse part is I know her for the last 3 years..we are not good friends or buddies but I know can you behave so unprofessionally furthermore with someone you know? Why can you just be diplomatic.?

We will see what happens…..If she doesn’t pay let it be on her conscience, I know I did my part, I behaved in a civil manner, I was honest…god knows it and that’s what is important. Money comes and money goes….so I will be a little tight this month…so be it..


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