Much Ado About Nothing

Posted: September 14, 2007 in Freedom of Expression

The ICONIC launch of the PGCC on 12 September truly proved to be nothing much as a bigger issue erupted hours later that literally shook parts of our country as<“Anil Netto”>said;

“Hours after the launch on 12 Sept, we had an 8.4 earthquake off nearby Sumatra, a tsunami alert, and people fleeing from high-rise buildings.Too bad for Patrick Lim and Fox Communication that news of the quake and the tsunami alert shoved aside reports of the PGCC launch from the front pages of the newspapers syesterday. There are some things that even a PR firm can’t anticipate or handle.”

It truly is ironic how things have a way for working out don’t they?

Read here on<“Anil’s Take on PGCC”>


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