Prelude to Dog Hunt Scrap Was Allegedly Not a Bed of Roses

Posted: September 14, 2007 in Animal Rights, Freedom of Expression, Malaysia, Society

Well obviously this proves that the people’s voice does prove something! Especially since the idea of the competition was totally ridiculous to begin with! An email yesterday alerted me that there would be a meeting between the MPS and the dog lovers to discuss the matter rationally and finally I know the outcome of it.

According to reports by The Star, the state exco member Datuk Tang See Hang and MPS President Mr.Zainal said the scrapping of the competition was due to the public outcry especially from animal rights group and pet owners throughout the whole country. The issue of safety was their main concern and they “baru sedar” that it would cause future problems if strays were not managed carefully by the non-pros. I’m quite glad that this people have realized that it was a ridiculous thing to come up with in the first place. The fact that responsible pet ownership and bylaws concerning pets will be looked into to ensure no cruelty happens shows positive outcomes of this whole issue, thankfully!

But sadly other quarters still lack the common sense the understand this issue as demonstrated by a comment made by the MB of Selangor who supports the competition having only a minor problem with it over the monetary terms.

Competitions like this are good, as the animals are not killed but caught and handed over to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Dog-catching must be done as the strays could attack children or even adults. The animals could also spread diseases as the strays rummage through garbage and contract skin diseases”

Yes, MB we agree that we are also unhappy with the doggies rummaging our trash cans or possibly attacking those who pass by despite knowing that most strays are pretty harmless with the exception of a few here and there but then again that ain’t the point. The point is that is a ridiculous suggestion then and still as the issue of strays should be handled by the experts. If they want they can always ask for assistants of volunteers who will be educated and taught the best way possible to handles such issues otherwise it’s just …..a waste of time and will contribute more harm then good! I know you do not rare dogs but please have some compassion and just use a little of your brains to comprehend what the issue is…but I guess your opinion doesn’t really matter anymore as the issue has been settled! Yes!

Thanks to all those who made this happen!!! Thanks for reminding me that people power does still exist…..hopefully I’m not being naive for saying this and that the move to scrap the competition was not politically motivated as election are near and they do have to show the people that the issues that troubles non-Muslim also truly matters. But I don’t want to read to much into and just be happy.

If you’d like to read more on this issue, do take a look at;

<“Malaysiakini MPS Scraps Controversial Dog Hunt”>


The Star


According to a report by<“Malaysiakini”>at 4.30 pm;
Animal rights NGOs who were invited to a meeting with the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) were in shock after being allegedly threatened with physical violence 10 minutes into the meeting”. Hmm, I guess it was too naive of me to assume that it went off well and they calmly decided to scrap it…Stark difference between the way the news was presented by the mainstream media,how sad!

Excerpt from<“KTemoc Blog”>;

Lim Ann Nee, an animal lover who was taking video footage of the scene at the lobby, was allegedly hit on one arm several times with a booklet by Rashid who seemed to have thrown fundamental chivalry out of the window in assaulting a lady. If the allegation is true, then he has been an unmitigated scumbag, a grub, a slime slug!”

Lim related: “I told him at least seven times ‘Don’t touch me!’. But he was chasing us away.

Sigh…Shall update later if I get an insider’s point of view.


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