Tremors in Malaysia After the Indonesian Earthquake

Posted: September 13, 2007 in Freedom of Expression

It was reported by the Associated Press that an 8.4 magnitude earthquake struck Sumatra, killing at least 10 people, leaving hundreds injured. According to the U.S Geological Survey, a temblor struck the Indian Ocean 80 miles(130km) southwest of Indonesia’s Bengkulu province on Sumatera, fearing the possibility of yet another tsunami.

Facts and Details:

What? Earthquake

Where? Sumatra

What depth? 3o km

Effect? Tsunami warning issues(two hours later lifted and followed up with a second warning after an aftershock at 9.40pm)

Magnitude of quake? 7.8-Wednesday 8.4 Thursday

A small tsunami was detected in Padang, on Sumatra — several hundred miles northeast of the epicenter — according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.”


The quake was strong enough, however, to be felt in Malaysia and Thailand. Several aftershocks have been recorded, including a 5.7-magnitude temblor about an hour later according to US Geological Survey in Washington.
Residents in high-rise units felt tremors occurring around 7.15 pm and KL City Hall said their centre received information that tremors were felt in Setapak, Cheras, Jln Pudu and other parts of the city. Tremors were also reported in other part of Malaysia besides Kuala Lumpur. Johor, Penang and even Malacca have had their fair share of tremors after the quake in Indonesia.

“We are monitoring all high-rise buildings and have mobilised and sent out teams to the areas concerned,” he said, adding that minor cracks had appeared on two blocks of the Hospital Kuala Lumpur workers’ quarters”.

Source:The Star

Rosaidi Che Abas, director of the seismology division of Malaysia’s Meteorological Department, confirmed that several tremors had been felt on the western coast of Malaysia from late Wednesday to early Thursday after the initial quake struck Sumatra Wednesday evening. “Usually, after a big earthquake, it will be followed by several tremors for several weeks; however, the aftershocks are normally smaller,” Rosaidi said. “We expect the aftershocks to continue and be felt in peninsular Malaysia with weaker magnitudes. The situation will continue and the public need not worry.”

Source: <“”>


The Malaysian Meteorological Department issued a tsunami alert after a powerful earthquake struck off Sumatra, Indonesia.The department has advised people in the northern states of Perlis, Kedah, Perak and Penang to move away from beaches as a safety precaution.

Source: <“Tsunamipenang”>


Source:The Star

Sorry, do not have much time to write today so I just thought I’ll put some relevant information from various sources to keep people updated towards what’s happening with the quake and the aftermath…Will update later at night after my class.

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