What’s More to Come I Fear…

Posted: September 12, 2007 in Freedom of Expression, Malaysia, Society

I shall not report or write about the incident that happened in Terengganu lately. It has made quite a buzz not only in the maintstream media but also in cyberspace. It’s a wonder that a place like Kuala Terengganu had to play victim to such an incident.

<“Malaysiakini’s report”> headline that states Terengganu Riots:Who is Lying?Truly makes me wonder…Few days ago I read in a blog that I frequent that he feels bothered that socio-political bloggers often only display one side of the story and focus on certain issues that play out the wrong-doings of one side-they take sides apparently. I shall not comment on that but what I shall say is that regardless such an incident has sadly occurred.Whose fault was it? Some say, there should not have proceeded with the forum as the permit was not approved thus it was their stubbornness that caused the riot to break out later on in the day…some say that it was a peaceful gathering and they should have by right got the permit but was denied to them at the last minute but they were peaceful and were not bothering anyone..some say that the police acted on their whims and fancies…some say the riots were pre-planned….some say those who burned the flags were traitor..some say it was the oppositions tactics to get back at the government while some say it was planned by the government to happen in that manner but what most believe are that this are pre-elections symptoms…

For all this to happen in a place like Kuala Terengganu truly signals that trouble is near and that it might come in many a form..We hear of riots happening all over the country from the south, central to even the north. You hear of police brutality..you hear of the use of live ammunition, you hear of pre-meditated plans to hurt one another…..all this happening in Malaysia? I feel like I have just woken up from a bad dream but it is not a dream…its just bad though….How can this be happening here? Am I so naive to believe that we are too peaceful to play host to such incidents? A friend of mine told me specifically not the visit certain areas where my home is close to because riots had broken out and they might hurt you because you are of a certain color….this truly not so much scares me but hurts me….I was appalled to know that I had to worry of my safety because of my skin color..here in Malaysia? Are both talking about the same country I wondered. Weeks have passed since then yet the situation largely remains the same…Many say its because of the elections…

I say enough is enough. Its like little kids wanting to win a race and trips his or her friend in the process just to win…Is that what we are doing although in this situation its more than tripping and does not only include emotional hurt but physical too. I think all the players in this so call election should really use their brains be it the opposition or government and stop pointing fingers at each other and start finding ways to resolve the issues that are erupting day in and day out. Such situations are no longer an isolated incident but are becoming daily happenings. Is there more to come? I truly fear for the people of our nation….I fear that due to the chillness of certain quarters in the country, the laymen will have to suffer. Is it truly worth it? Is it worth to create chaos in the nation to support your,my, our personal agendas? I ask you today? I ask the government, the opposition, the MPs………the list goes on. Are you willing to allow bloodshed so that you/me/us can have a title to hold, power and money? Please think carefully before you have “blood on your hands”.

  1. Kavilan says:

    Until everyone believes that none is more seperior than the other, the “blood’ will keep on spilling.
    “When one has the power to overcome despotism, one is responsible to stand up.” – maybe the laymen have completely surrendered to despotism, instead of exercising their responsibility to ensure that some things must change.

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