For Penangnites Benefit or Pockets of the Few?

Posted: September 11, 2007 in Environment, Freedom of Expression, Malaysia, Society

If you read the reports or news lately on the PGCC which is the Penang Global City Centre project you would have definitely noticed the icing on the cake over the project. In fact even today, The Star has highlighted how this PGCC will make great positive changes for the People of Penang!The Penang Performing Arts Centre (Penpac) in the RM25bil Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) will fulfill a long-neglected need of local artistes here!

Hurray! Hurray they say! PGCC will bring us a greater public park, a bigger amphitheater, tend to the needs of local artist and care for the environment at the same time….. But it really seems to good to be true doesn’t it?

According to<“Anil Netto”>despite their positive, glowing comments and assurances of the mega project, they actually wanted to cram in as much development as possible(double the density of Hong Kong!) All in the name of profit and this was clearly reflected through an interview with Nasrine Seraji by Nasrine Seraji, is PGCC’s architect for the project. Do read<“Anil Netto”> for the full interview and updates on the meetings that were held to discuss and consult the public, NGOs alike.


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