Penang Turf Club Land Area To be Covered By 40 Tower Blocks Costing RM25Million!

Posted: September 8, 2007 in Environment, Freedom of Expression, human rights, Society

I read Anil Netto blog from time to time, the last I read he had a call from Fox Communication concerning possibly meetings concerning a development project at the area where the Penang Turf Club lies. It was pretty hard for me to imagine the place that I pass by every single day, a place I admire from far..a vast amount of land of nothing but greenery….to be turned into a concrete jungle despite acknowledging their intentions of making a park within the development (but we have heard and seen what happens to proposed parks haven’t we? ?Take the KLCC Park?Minute size compared to the original…)

Costing RM25billion, to build around 40 tower blocks, over 40 storeys on the proposed land currently used by the Turf Club. So who is behind the whopping RM25 billion dollar project? Its definitely not a small fry! To be able to gain such a location….must be some good mojo being worked on for a great deal of time before securing such a space….Who’s who?

Developer= Abad Naluri by Equine Capital Executive Chairman none other than Patrick Lim

(know as one of the most influential businessman in Malaysia)


The northern region’s largest public park will take shape under the proposed Penang Global City Centre to be launched by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Sept 12.The 40ha Metropolitan Park, which will link the Youth Park and Botanical Garden, will see more open spaces for the public….

Anyway at present, meetings are being carried on the project by the developer whom are supposedly targeting activists and performing arts people whom are not all too happy about the idea.According to Anil, Penang based-NGOs are boycotting the event.Jesselton Residents Association have played their part in calling the meeting as they fear the effects of the development on their neighborhood. Fox Communication people are arranging the briefing.

Below is an excerpt of what the Abad Naluri has to say concerning the project;

Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd will develop the RM25bil PGCC.The Metropolitan Park will have recreational facilities such as children playground, fitness stations, multi-purpose outdoor court, jogging path, children wading pool, water features such as reflecting pools, garden pavilions, amphitheatres, food and beverage facilities, public toilets and car park.

PGCC will feature two five-star hotels, a performing arts centre, high-end retail outlets, two iconic towers, residential properties and a world-class meeting and convention centreI wonder what we have to sacrifice as a community and an Island, what risks that follow with the implementation of such a mega-project on an island like Penang? How will it affect Penangnites on a whole? Are we turning into another version of Kuala Lumpur?

Do read more at<“Anil Netto blog”> for more details from people who are concerned with how this mega project will effect the already congested Penang. See how questions of traffic flow,expenditure of energy, the high development project in a low-density area….have come up and what if any are the answers given by these developers….


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