150 stray dogs caught=RM15 k prize money up for grabs?

Posted: September 7, 2007 in Freedom of Expression

What is happening to this country? As it is human rights are at absurd levels with fantastic laws that repress every aspect of human rights, take the ISA for example. If that isn’t enough insult to the injury now we have them using or shall I say abusing their authority for inhuman act towards dogs (it’s regardless whether the dogs are strays or not!- they are still dogs!)

Animal groups have screamed foul after this dog catching competition was announced by the Selayang Municipal Council last week.Council president Zainal Abidin Azim said they were forced to act after receiving 80 complaints about stray dogs each month. Did someone made you act in that manner at gunpoint? Harassed you to do so using threats you could not avoid? What the hell do you mean by forced to act??? You made a choice Mr.Zainal Abidin! You made a choice to make a mockery out of inhumane act that will possibly the outcome of this dog catching competition.

What makes you think that a citizen whom has no expertise in dog catching will be able to help you in this endeavor of dog catching when the council itself which is assigned to do the task, given the necessary equipments have failed to do so? So if you receive 80 complaints is it justified to shove all your work or related task to the public? ?So in the case of Johor should the police have made civilians act as policeman to curb the increasing crime rate? Please knock some sense into yourself and your council for things definitely do not add up!

“We understand there is a big problem with stray dogs but (the) actions are distasteful and unhealthy,” Christine Chin, of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), told The Star newspaper. Which I totally agree with, couldn’t they have found a better way to deal with this issue rather than in this manner. They could have got the public help in locating the strays and informing them so that their jobs could be done in a more easier manner. What are we teaching our children? How can we set good examples for our children when we ourselves can’t get it straight? What is the council message?

Didn’t the council look into how the residents would handle or catch strays dogs seeing that they did not have the equipment or even with equipments how do they gain the skills to do so? How many dogs will get hurt in the process or worse still how many residents might get bitten for trying to do so? It’s not as easy as it might seem. What if in a bid to get RM 11k civilians resorted to inhumane acts to catch the dogs? Perhaps by setting traps to injure or demobilize the dogs? ?What then? Let me guess you probably then ask those who reported such an inhumane act to have documented prove that it happens so the abuses gets away scott free and who knows perhaps with RM11k!

I have seen in my own backyard how dogs are treated, tortured and left to die by some irresponsible citizen. Not everyone can take care of their pets well for some end up throwing them on the streets when they are adult dogs. I just do not understand how such a stupid idea can be brought to the table by sane adults and be implemented. Worse still it being approved by the government….

If the municipal money had that much money to throw, they should probably look into using the money to

Below are the prizes they are offering; Can you imagine this?

The first-prize winner will walk home with RM15,000; the runner-up RM13,000 while the third -placed winner will win RM11,000.The minimum capture for the top three winners must be at least 150 dogs each.Each month, the council pays RM20 for each stray dog caught as an incentive to the dog-catchers.

Read more at <” Read Malaysiakini for Howls of protest by animal rights groups”>

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  2. Kavilan says:

    Agree wit ya totally. This just opens up the gates for more sick methods for animal cruelty. Inhumane methods may cause unwanted injuries and complications to those creatures. Especially with those untrained dog catchers. They might even get themselves hurt (i.e. rabidly bitten or mangled). Who’d be responsible for the medical expenses then?
    Really examplifies idiocracy in management of trivial issues.

  3. droool says:

    Its just some sick ppl with sick idea.
    It is the municipal council responsibility to deal with stray dogs.

  4. Gallivanter says:

    They should offer the same thing for us to go after useless MPs, I think they’re a couple of ranks lower than man’s best friend…

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