Why Audra’s Issue Matters?

Posted: September 5, 2007 in Discrimination, human rights, Malaysia, Society

For those who are unaware of what the issue is here is some background;

Blogger Tony Yew’s wife Audra Atkinson was asked to resign as Malaysia Airlines’s chief stewardess within 24 hours when she was found pregnant with her third child. Apparently according to the contract, staff whom are pregnant for the third time will be asked to resign as per the contract terms.Legally I do not know how the contracts works and how it can hold you accountable. But what I know that there are always loopholes. What I can’t understand is not why Audra signed the contract but why the contract has such stupid conditions. How can you put a full stop to things that are beyond the control of humans? Sure you might say birth control, condoms etc but not all of us belief in that, we have our religious convictions to consider.

Do check out MageP’s Lab for more background information;

<“MageP’s Lab”>

How can a job dictate to you how many children you should conceive is just unimaginable but it is happening….But I do know that airlines but weird clauses for their stewardesses, my cousin was working for one of the airlines and the contract was for 3 years during that time the contract signers are not allowed to get married (how absurd is that?) How can you dictate such a condition? It is after all a job….

Some might say why sign the contract at all. If you realize most contracts these days have these clauses. What choice does a person have if they want to make a living in the country? A lot of the contracts that exist favors the employer and not the employee it is not by any chance balanced. Most of the time when you are offered the job they expect you to sign the contract immediately and you are not allowed to take it home to carefully read through or get a second opinion. Some things might get overlooked and your binded so what can you say?

Audra ‘s case is really sad….she was asked to resign and upon refusing was terminated. How can you terminate an employee for the choice of carrying her pregnancy to term and giving birth….Isn’t this discrimination? I frankly do not think much of airlines as a career because they have a lot of discriminating policies and conditions visible pre-interview, post interview and even upon signing the contract and after concerning women. As a women myself, I ask all of you to put yourself in Audra’s shoes. I would be pissed if someone told me I could not have my child because the contract says so…What are we going to do one day if we are put in the same position? Will we too have to choose between having or child or job? What choice will you make?

Why do you have to choose to begin with I do not understand…..

It’s sad how discrimination happens in all forms..all sizes..all shapes……all disguises

Anyway today Tony and Audra will find out the outcomes of a case that has been dragged on till today whether justice will prevail or not? Do check<“Tony Yew’s blog”>further updates. I do not know Audra personally but I understand and feel your plight, I wish you hadn’t had to choose….Hope all turns out well…

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