Absurd or Welcomed Change?

Posted: September 4, 2007 in Malaysia, Society

According to The Star today, it was reported that women who are civil servants will be allowed to choose whether they want to take a 5 year unpaid leave option. I mean 6 months even a year I can stomach but 5 years UNPAID LEAVE?

Our DPM, Najib was quoted to have said;

The current leave is 90 days (for each child) but some may decide that their priority in life is to take care of the children, so this will allow them (to do so),” he said.

If their priority in life is to take care of children then they would, well that is my opinion anyway. I wouldn’t want to leave my job and come back 5 years later even if they gave me money to do so. How would I cope? Organization do not remain static. You mean I can leave and my job will be right there waiting for me 5 years later? To me it really sounds absurd. It was also mentioned that women are given the option to stretch the time given within their multiple pregnancies. Am I saying that right?

Anyway I belief that instead of losing workforce in such a drastic manner..I mean 5 years!!! Are you joking?…Well as I was saying…why not upgrade on childcare services at the workplace?Familiar with workplace child care? Wouldn’t that be more effective? I know it unconventional but who says it can’t work? It favors both the parent and the organization. Both parties will be able to work more efficiently, for the parent@employee she will be able to be aware and take care of the welfare of her child and at the same time complete her work efficiently knowing her child is close by.

Most companies would rather stay far away and not involve themselves in such a predicament by allowing flexi hours so that the parent can do all she needs to and still come to work happily but in a country like Malaysia most companies do not go by the flexi hours system instead they prefer the earlier you come and the later you go back method regardless of whether you do any work. If you are there you must be working really hard.ahahah Most companies here would rather watch their employees come to work and sit down for 8 hours no matter what, as long as 8 hours is covered. It really doesn’t have any importance if you finish your designated work within 5 hours or less, the still want you to complete the 8. It is more based on quantity rather than quality I belief. Of course there are exceptions in certain places like news agencies or businesses where you clock in finish your work and clock out..regardless of the time frame as long as productivity is ensured the boss is happy.

I guess they are many options to enable to parent more support and balance their priorities well. Why do we have to choose one or another. Why can’t we have both? You guys have any thoughts on this?

I seriously wouldn’t want to give birth and stay at home for 5 years. Would rather have the option of Flexi hours or workplace day care……but then again that’s just me…..

  1. moo_t says:

    Again, yet another cheap talk from the half pass 6 prime minister without using his brain.

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