50th Do Cause for Celebration or Concern???

Posted: September 2, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

As millions celebrate Merdeka, our 5oth a very important marker as an independent country many others suffer in silence over the many issue thats denounced the whole notion of being “Merdeka”. 2 days has passed since the magnificent celebrations of Merdeka throughout the country but the question still lingers on…are we truly Merdeka? Is it justified to celebrate Merdeka? Have we truly come that far in the last 50 years. Many have commented, some glorifying the country’s great successes, our highty and mighty buildings, our bridges, our status as the better one in Southeast Asia, some compare us and justify that we are must better off than countries like Africa so we should sing praises, some are very proud of where we have come in the last 50………..but then again they are many more that come from the other side of the spectrum, for each song of praise there exist protest against this optimistic view, some say we have not done nothing significant enough to claim ourselves independent of the 50 years we have, some claim our so call development as nothing but superficial.

Let’s put asides our opinions, thoughts, likes, dislikes, resentments whatever we’d like to call it and look at the bare facts that presents itself. We do not need to look very far, let’s just focus on the happening of the last week or so before Merdeka till now. Does this happenings reflect a nation of independence? Have we matured in the last 50 years? Did our 50th this year give us cause for celebrations or concern?

With emails, SMS floating around inciting racial hatred and violence further emphasizing how different we truly are rather than embracing the beauty of our difference….racially played cards being laid out by our politicians at every nook and corner….with rumors circulating around of racial riots happening in the country?(how far this is true I do not know…thus it being called rumors..anyone seek to clarify?) I feel a little insecure and unhappy as we reach our 50th.

As <“Malaysiakini”>headline shouted out “Nation’s 50th Birthday Marred in Anxiety“, it invited us to seek answers whether in the background of our patriotic shouts of Merdeka at numerous locations throughout Malaysia and whether everything was truly honkey dorey after all. Some blaming political parties, some others blaming the administration…..some blaming themselves…………I guess we really need to sit and think about our nation. Yes we should celebrate where we have come after 50 years, we have developed in some ways, we have had it good (some of us anyway) but in the chatter and fireworks of celebrating we should not lose sight of all our shortcomings, limitations, weaknesses of our nations that continue to plague or great nation. It’s okay to identify with the good as long as we do not lose our heads in all the limbo and forget about everything else. As the 50th celebration is done and over with let’s not alone another 5o to go without rectifying what we should have a long time ago…..let’s get ride of the race cards in the pack of cards. It’s time we do away with this poison that continues to creep up in the worst of time and promise doom for all. For as I see it, everything that ends in shambles have to some extent have to do with stirring up racial sentiments, after all it has worked in the past to cause doom…..let’s not allow our differences in race and religion to cause our downfall as a nation. We should have learn from our past not to fall for this silly idiotic strategy of pulling us away from our main concerns and attracting our attention towards what doesn’t really matter at all..

*With great technology comes great risk……it is unfortunate that great applications of technology are being used to spread evil rather than cheer…

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