Ting-Tong The Clock Strikes 12! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka

Posted: August 31, 2007 in Freedom of Speech

Ting-tong, ting-tong the clock strikes 12……


Hear ye….Hear ye…

People  of the soil of Malaysia

I declare its time for us…..time to declare

One for all and all for one…

PELITAR la kita untuk negara… 🙂

As we unite under our umbrella

together we uphold a vision

A vision to be true to our forefathers

A vision to bring forth Malaysians

To rise up and herald the dawn of a new Malaysia

That be rid of all racial impositions that stifle who we truly are

We unite as we are one under the great big sun of our soil


What will tomorrow bring? What is to be expected of Malaysia on her 50th birthday? Will she continue to grow in her superficial and imaginary world of perfectness? Or will she rise up to identify and overcome what has plagued us from truly developing as a nation? Will she appreciate her beauty, her diversity and her uniqueness? Will she bring forth people of all races, all colors, all religions together? I guess what she does will ultimately depend on what we do and how we do it…..

Happy Merdeka everyone! Lots of love from cherwith…


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